No more beauty blogging?

You lovely people probably noticed my absence for the last few months and I know it has been really quite on my blog, but obviously there is an explanation for this. I had to think for a while if I wanted to keep running this blog. Mainly because first of all I do not have that much time due to my internship. It is my last year in college and I have to write reports, write my thesis and perform various experiments in the lab. Second of all I was not quite sure if my blog had an identity and with that I mean writing about things that I adore or that inspire me.

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NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

2015-11-22 11.09.41

A week ago I went to the Douglas in The Hague because Serena from BeautyLab was going to be there. Most of you know that Serena is my favorite blogger and when I read she was going to Texas I asked her if she could buy me a NYX soft matte lip cream, because I’ve read so much about it and really wanted to try it out. Also because it’s not available in The Netherlands yet. So, today I’ll be reviewing this lip cream and if you’re curious which one she got me then please keep on reading. Continue reading

How to be nice

Whenever we’re in a bad mood or whenever we’re sad about things that happen in life, we (most of the time) just want to be alone and close our eyes to forget/escape thoughts or things that have been bothering us. Because we are so emotional we can easily take it out on our loved ones, friends or people who are close to us. I’m gonna show you a few little steps on  how to be nice to people.

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Review e-polette glasses from Polette

e-polette glasses polette eyewear Rubis black

Lately I’ve been having trouble falling asleep. It’s usually because I sleep late and I’m on my phone a lot. But I’ve noticed that it has gotten worse, especially since I started my internship in September. I try to stay away from my phone, but the first thing I do after I come home exhausted from work around 07:30 pm is grabbing my phone and checking Instagram, Whatsapp etc. And believe me I’m on my phone till it’s 12 am or something around that time. Continue reading

Cute hand made gifts from By Caitlin ©

gifts by caitlin ©

A few of you guys may already know this if you follow me on Instagram, but for those who don’t…I’m a huge Instagram lover and always active on there. A few weeks ago I found a lovely instagram account of Caitlin and was immediately impressed by her work. Caitlin runs a Dutch web shop called By Caitlin © and she makes cute and trendy handmade jewelry, accessories and graphic drawings gifts. Her motto is: ‘Creative people don’t make a mess, they just have a lot of ideas.’ Continue reading

Post Concert Depression

one direction and 5 seconds of summer tickets

The time has finally come! The concert of your favorite band or artist you looked forward to, is today. You learned all the lyrics and listened nonstop to their album so you can sing from the top of your lungs and dance like there is no tomorrow. The show starts and you feel the adrenalin going through your whole body. The band or artist that helped you through rough times is going to be in front of you in a few seconds. And there they are! The music starts, the whole crowd is going crazy and you’re having the time of your life. But when the show ends you feel so empty inside, almost like you feel homesick. Oh yeah, I can feel it coming. I have PCD! Continue reading