Hi! I’m Hatice, a 21-year-old Turkish blogger from The Netherlands who loves reading books, candles, long beach walks, Indie Rock music, British accents, watching tv shows and who falls in love with characters in books who don’t even exist in real life. Welcome to my blog! I’m a pre master student who studies Biomedical Sciences and my dream is to become a forensic detective or a medical examiner. I wanna solve crimes and find it so interesting how a drop of blood can tell you the whole story of a crime.

From a very young age I started watching English tv shows and listening to 80’s and 90’s Indie Rock music. That’s when my love for the English language started and also the main reason why I write in English. Anything that has something to do with the UK and British people is something I obsess over. I could listen the whole day to someone with a British accent and never get tired of it. Besides that I love going to concerts of small bands like The 1975, drinking tea and wandering along the canals in Amsterdam. My biggest passion is photography and started when I made my first Tumblr in 2012. Seeing all these beautiful pictures gave me a restful & calming feeling and made me want to capture every beautiful moment in my life. From concerts to art or from nature to buildings, EVERYTHING that inspires me is something I capture. Because in the future I want to look at those photos and relive those exact same moments. You can tell a story through songs, through movies and through writing, but you can also kinda tell a story that connects memories together when taking pictures.

Sincerely Hatty is where I tell and show you the beautiful moments I cherish in life. If there’s anything else you would like to know, you can always email or come and say hi on  Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. I won’t bite, I promise!

Thank you for checking out my blog!


8 thoughts on “About

  1. glamourbeauty13 says:

    hey girl I have a question! when you make a post how do you put several pictures onto one single post instead of posting more than once? im new here:) love your blog and I followed! can’t wait to see more reviews especially:)

  2. ☆『マラ』☆ says:

    oh god I am so happy you commented on my Blog Hatice. You are such a beautiful soul and I am happy I have the chance to follow your blog! Seriously!
    What you wrote about your wish of solving crimes, I love you for that. I love the TV show Bones, it is one of my favorites, I also loved Buffy the vampire slayer and Angel. I even have a bat tattoo, that’s how much I love bats turning to vampires 🙂

    So happy you found me ❤

    You have a great blog, keep up the good work. I am happy to see more of you, Mara

  3. your fan says:

    Hello Hatice. I really like your blog. It’s very impressive. You are also very beautiful and i like the name you chose for your blog. It is very personal and thoughtful.
    Btw, I like vampires to, maybe a vampire can bite us both :D. That would be cool.
    Can’t wait for more reviews.

  4. Neziya says:

    You are so BEAUTIFUL! Je bent echt zo mooi en schattig ahhh hahah
    Leuke blog, kwam je tegen via instagram (dat ik zelf niet eens gebruik ;p)
    Keep it up gorgeous!



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