Healthy bars from Doctor’s Orders

doctors orders

A few days ago I received healthy bars from Doctor’s Orders. I heard a lot of bloggers talking good about their stuff and therefore decided to try it out myself. So, if you are curious whether these bars are indeed as good as everyone is talking then please keep on reading.

So Doctor’s Orders send me 3 healthy bars, namely: Cranberry & Orange, Nuts & Vanilla and Cacao and Nuts. I must say that the packaging is very appealing and makes me want to buy the product faster compared with products with a less appealing packaging. So, well done Doctor’s Orders! Let’s see if they taste yummy!



First we have the cranberry & orange bar which is the pink packaging. I love cranberries a lot and I must say the cranberries in this bar give a bit of soury taste but the orange compensates it with a bit of sweet taste. It is not my favorite out of the 3 bars.


The second one is the nuts & vanilla bar which is the yellow packaging. This one is my favorite out of the 3 bars, because there are almonds in the bar and almonds are my all time favorite nuts. Next to almonds they also contain hazelnuts. The vanilla is not that overwhelming in the bar it is the nuts that give the flavor to the bar. I like this one!


The last one is the cacao & nuts bar which is the brown packaging. I honestly expected more of a chocolaty flavor but then again it does not say chocolate but cacao on the bar. It contains 100% cacao so it is the most bitter bar among the other two bars. I am not a big fan of bitter tasting food so I unfortunately have to say that this one is the worst out of them all.


So after tasting the 3 bars I have come to the conclusion that the nuts & vanilla bar is my favorite out of them all. I suggest you guys trying the bars out for yourselves to see if they work for you. I personally like more sweet tasting bars, but as Doctor’s Orders state on their products the bars are healthy so you should not expect their bars to be like other artificial bars in your local supermarket. If you love bitter chocolate I think you would love these bars as well.

Are you going to try these bars yourself?





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