Outfit post with Polette Eyewear sunglasses


I absolutely adore sunglasses especially if they are hipster looking. With Coachella coming up and it being my favourite season of the year now, I am more thrilled to wear them. Most of you know that I love the glasses and sunglasses from Polette Eyewear. Instead of doing a review like I have done before, I decided to do a spring outfit post featuring sunglasses from Polette I got a few weeks ago. Without further ado lets jump right into the outfit post!

P O L E T T E – D E A N

So as I mentioned earlier I am a person who loves hipster or indie sunglasses. And guess what kind of sunglasses I chose this time? HIPSTER SUNGLASSES *surprise*. Bet you did not see that one coming 😉 Okay, enough with the jokes. I chose for the sunglasses called Dean and it is just a really elegant yet edgy looking because of the gold detailing and the black glasses. The glasses cost $39,99 and I think that it is totally worth your money for what you are getting. I really tried my best to do a really cute Spring outfit with pastel colours and all, but I ended up with putting together a black outfit with a tiny bit of pastel colour here and there.


So I paired the sunglasses up with:

  • black tunic from the ZARA
  • black loose high wasted jeans (you can’t tell they are high wasted but okay) from the Pull & Bear
  • black Chelsea boots from the van Haren
  • black headscarf with pastel pink polka dots (I can’t remember where I got it from)
  • pastel pink belt from the H&M

Polette has a new collection full of different types of sunglasses, so if you are looking for one I highly recommend you to try out one of Polette as they are high quality and yet affordable!

How would you pair these sunglasses up? Let me know in the comments down below!




Photo credit: Polette Eyewear and Sincerely Hatty



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