No more beauty blogging?

You lovely people probably noticed my absence for the last few months and I know it has been really quite on my blog, but obviously there is an explanation for this. I had to think for a while if I wanted to keep running this blog. Mainly because first of all I do not have that much time due to my internship. It is my last year in college and I have to write reports, write my thesis and perform various experiments in the lab. Second of all I was not quite sure if my blog had an identity and with that I mean writing about things that I adore or that inspire me.

So, I asked myself this question: ‘If I did have enough time, would I still take the time and write posts for my blog?’ The answer to that was yes. So then I asked myself: ‘But do I really like the things I write about?’ And the answer to that, unfortunately was no.

W H Y  N O ?

The answer was no because the topics I wrote the most about on my blog were beauty related. And that is the problem. I personally don’t know shit about beauty. I do not for example know how to contour, how to use fucking different types of eye shadow brushes or how to even apply eye shadow?! And when I wrote about beauty related things, it felt like I was being such a hypocrite. I mean, what is the point in writing about stuff you do not normally use or stuff you do not even know how to use. Besides that, I do not even use that much make up and do not think I need make up, so what is the point in writing about it. Although I do love to paint my nails and love lip related products.

S O  N O  B E A U T Y ?

This is a ‘mistake’ that me and most small bloggers make. Beauty related blogs are hot and read the most among girls, so most of us therefore tend to think that if we write about hot stuff like this, we can build up an audience faster and grow our blog much quicker. And that is not true because nowadays you have to ‘prove’ yourself. There are loads of big beauty blogs and most of the time people will choose their blogs over yours. What I am trying to say is that you have to do something unique nowadays to really stand out. And after a while you will start noticing this, just like I and many other small (ex) beauty bloggers have. If you are thinking of starting a blog PLEASE do not include the words ‘beauty’, ‘fashion’ or whatever if you are not sure of the identity of your blog. Because you will be stuck with that name forever and are kind of ‘forced’ to write about those things.

M O R E  A R T , F A S H I O N  &  L I F E S T Y L E

So, I have decided not to write about beauty anymore. I will maybe review a few nail or lip products that I use but this will be posted in the categories ‘Lifestyle’ or ‘Review’. I also wanted to let you know that I’m going to post more about poetry, art, photography, travel, music, concerts and fashion.

I hope you guys will still support me in this decision and will follow me on this journey, like you did before.






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