Smart Little Bag

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I was scrolling on Instagram the other day and I saw a fellow blogger I follow talking about the Smart Little Bag (SLB) by LouLou which she got for her birthday. I became curious, so I did a little research on by LouLou and I came to the conclusion that this might be one of my brands this fall.

By LouLou is basically a brand that sells leather accessories for women inspired by the 50s in Paris. The SLB is one of their items and also their very first invented item that they sell. The SLB is a wallet and a clutch in one. It’s such a great item because you can use it in two ways. During the day you can just use it as your wallet while doing your groceries and when you have a party you can use it as a clutch. The SLB has a pocket where you can put your phone in and what’s more is that the SLB also has a mirror.

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2015-11-21 16.25.25

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I got the SLB82B Midnight Mamba and has a beautiful black color with a electric blue glow in light. I love it how the look of the SLB matches the name. The thing I like about the SLB is that it has a chique and unique look which makes it so much more beautiful than it already is. It has these cute little charms, one of them being the Eifel tower which represents Paris as I wrote earlier. The texture is also a big plus. The SLB has a lot of pocket and doesn’t take much space in my bag. So I’m really happy with it and I don’t know if it’s possible but for some reason the SLB gives me more confidence when I’m wearing or carrying it. It makes me feel almost like a lady if that makes sense. I can really feel myself walking on the streets in Paris in the 50s when I’m carrying the SLB.

2015-11-22 14.32.07

The SLB costs €89,95 and you can find it on By LouLou’s website if they sell their items in shops close to your area.

What do you think of the SLB?





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