Something New Fashion

2015-11-28 10.33.17

Something New Fashion launched their website this week. Because I got a present from them I wanted to do an ‘unboxing’ it for you guys and also want you guys to get to know the brand as well, I thought I’d write a post about it.

Something New Fashion (SNF) is just the name it says, Something New Fashion! The brand’s mission is to provide woman in The Netherlands with items that add something new and fresh into their wardrobe, but are also easy to combine. All their items are easily chosen and are easily mixed with various styles and seasons. The collection is therefore very compact and very coherent. Looking for a fun party or do you want to look really fashionable tomorrow? They got you!

The founder of Something New Fashion is Anaïta Nasser and this is what she has to say about her web shop:

‘With my web shop I want to help women. In my web shop you can basically see what the latest trends are, so women don’t have to do all the research on the latest trends themselves. I do it for them! I myself travel over land and sea to buy the best fashion items that have a correct relationship between price and quality. Something New Fashion is therefore very coherent and almost everything is easily combined. I personally think it’s extremely important to shop items that are both trendy and timeless. The style of Something New Fashion can be described as stylish and a bit minimalistic, yet very trendy. We pay attention to color and will always update you with the most fashionable colors. For example burgundy and army green colors are perfect for the Fall weather. ’ Anaïta Nasser

Something New Fashion also wants to inspire women through their Facebook, Instagram and Blog. So I would recommend you guys checking them out to stay updated on the latest trends.

As a present I got a really cool and cute tote bag and a pink t shirt with their signature on them. I am all about the tote bags and pink is one of my favorite colors, I love it! I want to thank Anaïta for sending me this cool present and I’m positive I’ll be shopping their items really, really soon!

2015-11-29 15.02.08.png

2015-11-28 10.33.30

What are your favorite fall must haves? Let me know by commenting down below!




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