How to be nice

Whenever we’re in a bad mood or whenever we’re sad about things that happen in life, we (most of the time) just want to be alone and close our eyes to forget/escape thoughts or things that have been bothering us. Because we are so emotional we can easily take it out on our loved ones, friends or people who are close to us. I’m gonna show you a few little steps on  how to be nice to people.


Ok, so I know you’re not in the mood but smiling to someone you know a little bit, will encourage people to smile back. It will make you more approuchable and it could make someones day. I was so insecure about my smile and laugh, but I learned how to embrace it and just smile or laugh whenever I find something funny. Also, people seem to find my laugh more hilarious than my jokes. Just throwing that one out there. So, the next time you see someone just smile 🙂


If you see someone wearing a really nice nailpolish color that you like, you can just say: ‘I love your nailpolish, what brand nailpolish is it?’ You don’t have to overcompliment them but giving them a nice compliment could make their day and make them more confident. I mean if someone told you your hair looked gorgeous today, you would be flattered too right? At least someone noticed you put a lot of time to your hair..


This is something my parents and my religion have thaught me. I believe that if you do good, God will grant you with something more beautiful. The same goes for treating people, if you’re nice to them they will treat you in a right manner. And whenever someone is mean to you it doesn’t mean you have to lower yourself to their level. Instead kill them with kindness and they will know when to shut up!

So these  were a few things or ways to be/stay nice to people. I know they’re not a lot but I feel like we need to take tiny steps to achieve big things.



Photo credit: Tumblr 


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