Review e-polette glasses from Polette

e-polette glasses polette eyewear Rubis black

Lately I’ve been having trouble falling asleep. It’s usually because I sleep late and I’m on my phone a lot. But I’ve noticed that it has gotten worse, especially since I started my internship in September. I try to stay away from my phone, but the first thing I do after I come home exhausted from work around 07:30 pm is grabbing my phone and checking Instagram, Whatsapp etc. And believe me I’m on my phone till it’s 12 am or something around that time.

When I checked my email two weeks ago I saw that Polette had these new glasses called e-polette. Polette is one of my favourite web shops that sell glasses, sunglasses and accessories for good quality and low prices. Basically e-polettes are glasses which protect your eyes from blue light from LED screens by filtering them. This way your sleeping rhythm won’t get disturbed either.

Washington Post states that when the amount of light at night decreases your body makes melatonin and we therefore get tired. However,  led screens radiate so much blue light and because our generation is on their phone for say 8 hours per day, our biological clock gets disturbed.

According to Daily Mail the blue light of LED lamps is associated with damage to the retina, because LED bulbs radiate an excessive amount of blue light. And because of our frequent use of this technology our eyes get compromised.

E-polette Polette eyewear

The glasses of the e-polette glasses are provided with a light yellow filter. Polette states that you won’t notice the light yellow filter. The first thing I noticed when wearing the e-polette glasses was the yellow filter. The filter filters 40% of the blue light which provides your body for making a certain amount of melatonin, so that way your retina won’t get damaged and your day-night rhythm won’t get disturbed. When I first wore the glasses I had to get used to the yellow filter, but after a few hours of wearing the glasses I stopped noticing the colour change. I started noticing it when I took them off. I choose the Rubis design in black because it’s a famous design among people and I thought it suited me well. I must say it really does actually. I was afraid they wouldn’t suit me because literally every design I’ve tried in several shops looked horrifying. The Rubis Black design was €39,99!

e-polette glasses polette eyewear Rubis black

e-polette glasses polette eyewear Rubis black

e-polette glasses polette eyewear Rubis black

e-polette glasses polette eyewear Rubis black

I noticed that whenever I wear these glasses that I really do sleep better then times when I don’t wear them or forget to wear them. I also don’t have any headaches, so overall I’m really happy with my glasses and highly recommend them to anyone having the same problem as me!




4 thoughts on “Review e-polette glasses from Polette

  1. raissabela says:

    I have the same problem I bought mine yesterday and its similar to your design. Lets see if it will because i really know how you feel. Raisa 🙂

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