Cute hand made gifts from By Caitlin ©

gifts by caitlin ©

A few of you guys may already know this if you follow me on Instagram, but for those who don’t…I’m a huge Instagram lover and always active on there. A few weeks ago I found a lovely instagram account of Caitlin and was immediately impressed by her work. Caitlin runs a Dutch web shop called By Caitlin © and she makes cute and trendy handmade jewelry, accessories and graphic drawings gifts. Her motto is: ‘Creative people don’t make a mess, they just have a lot of ideas.’

GIRLS LOVE GIFTS. Oh yes we do! Us girls, we love gifts! We love to love, see our friends, spend time with them, enjoy and share the pretty things in life, we love to receive and give gifts, big or really small, a hug a kiss, saying I love you, sealed with an other kiss and lots of love. I want to make you happy my beautiful friend. Friendship is my gift. Now lets celebrate our friendship.‘ By Caitlin ©

So I got a few items from her shop and I’m going to review them today for you guys.

The first thing are these triangle shaped rings. I absolutely love triangles and just geometric forms in general. Silver rings are easily combined with a warm nail polish color, especially during the fall. I really love the rings and the black box the rings came in are very elegant. I’m a big fan of the packaging! Usually most web shops don’t pay too much attention to little things like the packaging, but that was not the case this time. I’m really impressed and this is such a cute gift for any girl out there. I mean who doesn’t like rings?

by caitlin geo collection rings

by caitlin geo collection rings

The second thing is this silver arrow necklace. I love accessories that have arrows in them. They always remind me of my favorite band One Direction. Not only do they make my day when I’m feeling down, but it also reminds me of always following your dreams and just keep on going in that same direction until you’ve reached your goal. This would be an amazing gift to any One Direction fans out there.

silver arrow necklace by caitlin

Next we have a scrabble necklace made out of an old scrabble game and it has my initial in it. I really love old things. Whether it’s a car, music, art literally  anything that’s old and authentic is something I love and adore. I just love how you can turn something like this into such a new thing. Never throw away your stuff kids, you can always remake something out of it. I think I’m going to gift my friend with a necklace like this with her initial, since it’s almost her birthday.

scrabble necklace by caitlin

This one I’m the most excited about! These are wish cards and so cool to get for your birthday. The first one has a candle which you can lit up so the birthday girl/boy can make a wish. It also has confetti in it! I’m a big confetti lover oh my God if I got this for my birthday I would seriously fangirl so hard. And what’s more about these cards is that it’s made out of recycled material. Some people tend to throw away birthday cards  but because you can use cards like these you aren’t more likely to throw them away, instead keep them as they’re super unique.

wish cards by caitlin

wish cards by caitlin

I got two little bags with happy pills which have paper in them. This way you can write lovely messages and read them when you’re having a shitty day. I have this cute little mug my sister got me from Barcelona and I love it to death. I decided to write cute messages on the paper that’s in the happy pills and put the pills in this little mug. We all need positivity in our lives and I feel like this is a great way to spread positivity and build your own positive mindset.

happy pills by caitlin

happy pills by caitlin

happy pills by caitlin

The last items are these satin bands which you can wear as a hair tie or as a bracelet. I find these super cute and so Tumblr. I prefer to wear them as a bracelet as I’m wearing a hijab but I think it looks so, so cute when girls wear them as a hair tie. Also, you know people that have those festival bracelets? I think if you’d stack them up with a few cute bracelets and one of these satin bands that it would be such an arm candy!

satin hairties by caitlin

satin hairties by caitlin

My favorite from all these items are the wish cards. What are your favorites? Leave me a comment down below. Also, please go follow Caitlin on Instagram, she has an amazing feed and gorgeous pictures!




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