Post Concert Depression

one direction and 5 seconds of summer tickets

The time has finally come! The concert of your favorite band or artist you looked forward to, is today. You learned all the lyrics and listened nonstop to their album so you can sing from the top of your lungs and dance like there is no tomorrow. The show starts and you feel the adrenalin going through your whole body. The band or artist that helped you through rough times is going to be in front of you in a few seconds. And there they are! The music starts, the whole crowd is going crazy and you’re having the time of your life. But when the show ends you feel so empty inside, almost like you feel homesick. Oh yeah, I can feel it coming. I have PCD!

Wait, what?! What the hell is a PCD? PCD stands for ‘Post Concert Depression’ and it’s just like the name says, depression after an amazing concert. The reason of this depression is usually because of the fact that you accomplished your life goal, which is seeing your idols live and you just don’t know what to do with your life after it happened. Some fangirls get PCD because they will never see them live anymore or won’t see their idols for a long time. The duration of the depression varies from person to person. Some people have a PCD of 2 months while another person has one for a week. I experienced it myself after the One Direction concert and I thought people were joking, but believe me: PCD will always hit you so hard in the face after a concert!

The symptoms are often: Longing to relive the concert again and having emotional pain while listening to the music of the band or artist. Sometimes the symptoms can be so bad that the person will cry a lot after the concert, won’t eat anything and won’t or doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

But how do you get over PCD? There are so many ways but the best and only way for me to get over a PCD is to just not listen to any music from this certain band or artist and wait till I’m over it. It’s simple like that! Listening to the music (after you think you got over PCD) sometimes can cause a relapse for some people, but this doesn’t occur that often and is VERY rare.

So my advice to you guys is that if you’re just like most of the crazy fangirls and don’t set life goals (like going to college) or think you’re not worth it, to not spend or dedicate your whole life to a band or artist. Most of the time they’re people who don’t care about you and are only after your money.That doesn’t mean that there aren’t many lovely musicians, who really do care about you and are really thankful for your support, but we can all name a few, right?

Have you experienced PCD? Please share your story by commenting down below.



P.S. Don’t take this article too serious and I’m in no way making fun of ‘crazy fangirls’ because my sister is one and I love her!


10 thoughts on “Post Concert Depression

  1. Wendy says:

    I totally feel it, i can imagine this so good! I don’t have experience with PCD but with a lot of others i have.. Good to see that you write about stuff like this! Xo

    • haticedogan says:

      Hi Wendy! Thank you so much! I hope everything goes well and I love to write about topics like this so if you guys want more of like this article, please let me know! x

  2. Hey Angel♡ (@HarrysMyAngel45) says:

    I experienced PCD after my One Direction concert July 31, 2015 at OTRA Indianapolis. I sat in my seat staring at the stage once they officially walked off the stage for good and I realized PCD had officially hit me. After my dad practically dragged me out of Lucas Oil Stadium there were girls crying and some were talking excitedly about the night full of events. Well, I was the girl talking excitedly about the concert. As we walked out of the stadium the PCD got worse and as we got in the car to go back to our hotel, I looked at the stadium and my heart hurt so much. The next day we went past the stadium and I burst into tears. PCD stuck with me for almost a month after the concert and when I listen to FOUR my heart swells and I remember that I heard most of the songs live. Sometimes I even cry and PCD comes back a little mad affects me but not for long. PCD sucks but it’s all worth it especially when I get to remember everything that happened that night. I did lose my voice and I had school like a week after my concert so when I went back to school a still couldn’t talk.

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