Review Lana’s Sieraden

Lana's Sieraden

Fall is almost around the corner and for me that means wearing more burgundy and grey, but also more gold accessories and especially chunky statement necklaces that match beautifully with these two colors. I got a statement necklace from Lana’s Sieraden and today I’m going to review it for you guys and give you a few tips on how to combine them.

Lana’s Sieraden is a Dutch based web shop that sells amazingly beautiful accessories like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, phone cases and sunglasses. They ship to The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and if you buy over €15,- you don’t have to pay any shipping costs. What I like about this web shop is that the accessories are not expensive at all. I got asked to pick a statement necklace of my own choice and chose the ‘Chain Gold’ necklace for €6,95.

The Chain Gold statement necklace is 44cm long and isn’t quite heavy as I thought it would be but nonetheless I think if I wore this, nobody would notice that. The gold color of the necklace really pops out and the quality of this necklace is amazing. I’ve been wearing this for almost two weeks and the color didn’t fade at all, which is always the case of inexpensive accessories from like Big Bazar or Action. But it didn’t and I’m really glad with the choice I made!

There are different ways to style statement necklaces. I personally like to wear them with turtleneck tops or crop tops because it looks cuter and gives a more casual looking vibe.

Gold Chain Statement Necklace Lana's Sieraden

Gold Chain Statement Necklace Lana's Sieraden up close

But you can also:

  • Wear a statement necklace with a button up blouse so when you wear the necklace (matching with your blouse) it looks like it’s part of the outfit.
  • For an edgy look you can wear the necklace with a black leather jacket using the same type of metal.
  • Pairing the necklace by wearing a button up blouse and a sweater gives a more cute schoolgirl vibe.
  • Girls that wear a hijab like me can style this fashion piece by wearing a hijab that matches with the color of the statement necklace.

Overall I’m really happy and satisfied with the quality of the necklace I got from Lana’s Sieraden. I’m not someone who always wears accessories , but after receiving this necklace I think I’m going to wear them more often because it really just makes the outfit so much more interesting and put together. I seriously got so many complements when I wore this necklace and it made me feel so much better about myself. I highly recommend you guys checking this web shop out!

How do you combine statement necklaces with your outfit? Let me know by commenting down below!




5 thoughts on “Review Lana’s Sieraden

  1. Dora says:

    Hey 🙂

    That is quite a bold necklace – much too bold for me, must I say… however, you can probably pull it off, in which case – you go, girl!

    The sunglasses are so incredibly pretty! 😀

    Lovely post!

    Have a nice day. 🙂


    • haticedogan says:

      Thank you so much! Yeah I felt the same way before wearing it but when I received so many compliments, I kinda changed my mind! The sunglasses are from and are really coachella if you know what I mean. Thank you again, i love hearing things like this. you have a great day yourself! xxx – Hatty

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