Unboxing StyleTone box September

StyleTone Box September

Today I’m here with another unboxing for you from this month’s StyleTone box. I did an unboxing of the August box a few weeks ago and I’m super excited to find out what beautiful products they put in this month’s box, so if you’re excited as well then please keep on reading to find out!

StyleTone is basically a monthly box featuring 5 full size products (over €50,-) for you to try out for only €12,50 (Netherlands) or €15,- (Belgium) a month. StyleTone only delivers in the Netherlands and in Belgium, so it’s not international. In the box there is a leaflet which features and explains the products in that months box. The fun part is that the box always has a new theme every month! And as I said, it’s cruelty free which makes it a lot more special.

Inside StyleTone Box September

Feather lash mascara (€24,95)

The first thing in the box is this gorgeous featherlash mascara from So Susan. The packaging is a real eye catcher and the mascara itself looks gorgeous too. The brush is not my favorite brush when it comes to mascaras, if I have to be honest. I usually like rubber mascara brushes just like the Rocket Power mascara from Maybelline. Although this mascara from So Susan is a bit overpriced I think it’s a very nice looking mascara.

So Susan mascara packaging

So Susan Featherlash mascara

So Susan featherlash mascara brush

Statement skin (€20,95)

The next product is this highlighter from So Susan. Can we just take a moment for the nice packaging So Susan has? Well done! But these things just don’t work for me. For some reason it always fades very quickly, maybe it’s because my face gets oily fast? I would use this for the inner corner of my eyes to make them look more awake and make my eyes appear bigger.

So susan statement skin packaging

So Susan statement skin

Statement skin swatch

Beebee professional powder brush (€19,95)

This product is my favorite of all the products that are in the box and it’s this Beebee professional powder brush. It’s a perfect brush for applying powder or bronzer. The brush itself is so soft and feels amazing on my face. I love it!

Beebee brush packaging

Beebee professional powder brush

Tinted lip & cheek balm (€10,00)

The next thing we got is this tinted lip and cheek balm. Although the color and smell are not appealing at first, it makes my lips feel really soft. They contain all natural ingredients like: sunflower oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and a few drops of essential oils for a fresh zesty scent. This product is just like all the products mentioned above cruelty free!

tinted lipbalm

tinted lipbalm

Timeless truth sheet mask (€7,00-€9,00)

The last product is this charcoal detox face mask and I’ve read so many good things about charcoal masks. They tend to make your face more soft and is a deep cleans. The mask itself smells like charcoal and reminds me of the Dr. van der Hoog facemasks which I absolutely love.

charcoal facemask

charcoal facemask instructions

I really loved this month’s StyleTone box and my favorite is just like I mentioned above the powder brush! I’m going to be experimenting more with bronzer and this is a perfect opportunity to try out with my Beebee brush.

I can’t wait to see what’s in next month’s Styletone box. What’s your favorite out of all the products mentioned above? Let me know by commenting down below! Also, I’m doing a MAC giveaway on my Instagram. Go check out my Instagram to find out how you can enter. The giveaway ends Oct. 20th, so you got plenty of time to enter!




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