September Favorites

My Jewellery Bracelet

We’re halfway September already and what’s more fun than looking back and sharing them with you guys? Right, nothing! Today I’m sharing my favorites of September featuring some awesome products and stuff that I’ve been loving!

Fa Fruit Me Up

The first favorite of this month is a recent favorite of mine. It probably just came out a few days ago I think and it’s the Fa Fruit Me Up deodorant and shower gel. These two products have a fruity smell like it says and I don’t like fruity fragranced products in general, but I can’t say the same when it comes to these two beauties. The deodorant and shower gel don’t have this really sweet smell but have more of a neutral fruity smell with a tint of floral notes in it. I got these a few days ago from my favorite magazine ever: CosmoGIRL! and all I can say is that I love these!

Fa Fruit Me Up deodorant and showergel

Pink Grapefruit hand cream

The next favorite is the Pink Grapefruit hand cream from my favorite cruelty free shop: The Body Shop. This hand cream has this amazing fresh smell of grapefruit and honestly when I put this on my I can’t stop smelling my hands. It’s also a very nourishing hand cream and doesn’t contain that much alcohol.

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream

Maybelline Waterproof Great Lash mascara

I got this one at the sale at Kruitvat (Dutch drugstore) for €4,- when it’s normally around the €14,-! The Maybelline mascaras are the only mascaras that do something good to my lashes! Especially the rubber brushes, which separate my lashes and give them volume. So I got this waterproof one because I have straight ass lashes, which need to be curled every time I put mascara but I chose the waterproof one also just to hold the curl for a longer time.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

My Jewellery Bracelet and Ring

The last favorite of this month are these cute jewelry from My Jewellery and it’s basically a Dutch based web shop that sells AMAZING accessories! From bracelets to scarves and from clothes to watches, you can find everything in their web shop for an amazing price. Honestly this is one of my favorite web shops and I’ve been following them on Instagram for 2 years now. So I got these two accessories and the reason I chose these two is because they have cute messages on them. For example the bracelet says: ‘so many beautiful reasons to be happy’ and the ring says: ‘you are my sun my moon and all my stars’. I tend to be a negative person sometimes and even a little reminder like this and praying to God makes my day good. The ring actually reminded me of this awesome crop top that I’ve seen in Urban Outfitters and of course when I saw they sold rings with this message, I knew I had to get it. The bracelet and ring both were €14,95 in case any of you are thinking of buying anything from their web shop. They sell INTERNATIONALLY and when you buy something over €50,- you don’t have to pay for shipping at all!

My Jewellery

My Jewellery Bracelet and Ring

These were the favorites of the month September and if you enjoyed reading this let me know if you would like to see my favorites of the month October! If you want me to review any of the products mentioned above please leave a comment down below telling me which one you would like to see!




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