DIY School Agenda

DIY agenda step 4

School has already started and since I’m a big DIY lover I had this awesome idea to DIY my school agenda, just to make college more fun. Today I’m going to show you how I DIY-ed my agenda. It took me a lot of time to cut the templates and the DIY itself but I’m so happy with how my agenda turned out! So without further ado let’s jump right into the DIY!

For this DIY you will need:

  • Templates of your own choice (I got mine from Tumblr)
  • A scissor
  • Washi tapes of your own choice (I got mine from HEMA)
  • All purpose glue
  • A school agenda (duh! I got a DIY agenda from the Action for €1,-)

Step 1

The first thing I did was cut a certain amount of washi tape and stick it on the spine of the agenda. It’s pretty self explanatory and I think the washi tape itself gives a cute touch to the agenda and makes it pop more!

DIY agenda

DIY agenda step 4

Step 2

The next thing I did was print a bunch of templates from Tumblr. Varying from daisies to song lyrics from my favorite band. After printing all of it I basically cut them all and I put a lot of time in cutting the daisies. I literally cut over 50 daisies I think!

DIY agenda daisy template

Step 3

After cutting the templates I basically placed them on my agenda and played a bit around till I found the right ‘look’ or ‘composition’ I guess you can call it. I liked the way mine looked so I glued them with my all purpose glue on the cover of the agenda. You can use whatever glue you have at home but I wanted the templates to stick properly and look good for the rest of the school year and therefore chose for all purpose glue.

DIY agenda step 1

DIY agenda step 2

Step 4

The last step is only necessary if you think something misses or if you want to add more things to your design. I found mine to repetitive with all the daisies, so I added this ‘lol your not harry styles’ (I know it’s ‘’you’re’’ but I liked the message) template because Harry Styles is bae, let’s be honest. And if you think he’s not bae then there’s seriously something wrong with you! (I don’t really mean that, that’s my inner fan girl talking but yeah…he’s hot)

DIY agenda step 3

I hope you guys liked my DIY and if you have any questions regarding the DIY then please leave a comment down below. Also, have you ever DIY-ed something? If yes, what did you DIY?




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