Different ways to style items from ZoYou

Outfit of the day

‘Life is too short to wear boring clothes!’

That’s the quote ZoYou goes by and I fully agree with them. I mean come on let’s be honest right now, we all want to look fabulous all the time. Whether you like grunge clothes and are more of an edgy girl or a girly girl rocking those cute and fancy skirts. The only problem (not necessarily) is that not everyone can afford all these cool expensive clothes. I mean I can’t and that’s totally fine but sometimes the heart wants what it wants right? Sometimes a piece of clothing just screams your name and you’ll have this urge to buy it. You’re probably like: ‘Okay Hatty, where are you going with this?’ Well my friend this is the part where I’m going to make you happy…now you can! Curious? Please continue reading to find out!

ZoYou is a Dutch based web shop which sells purchased clothes/items from all over the world. They only ship to The Netherlands and Belgium, unfortunately! There are only a few of these items in stock so that way you’ll feel more unique and original in their clothing. Now comes the best part: All of their must haves are under the €40,-. Say what?! And to make it even better I got a discount code for you guys to get 10% off on your next purchase. The only thing you have to do is use the following code: BLOGCONTEST

Because I’m in love with ZoYou I thought I’d show you how to style the following piece of clothing from their web shop. I chose a white crop top and ripped boyfriend jeans to show you guys a wide variety of ways to style these items.

white lace crop top from ZoYou    Ripped boyfriend jeans from ZoYou

White lace crop top (ZoYou.nl, €10,-)

I don’t know if you guys know Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony but she is my style inspiration and someone I look up to so much. I absolutely love her style and think it’s always on point. She is the ‘girly girl’ in the group and dresses all cute and stuff. I thought she would be the perfect example since she wears a lot of long sleeve crop tops. Here are two ways to style the white crop top from ZoYou. You obviously don’t have to buy everything Camila wears in the pictures, the pictures are only for example purposes.

camila cabello rdma outfit

So as you can see you can style the long sleeve crop top with basic jeans or jeans with a lovely print like Camila and some classic nude open toe heels. If you are more of an edgier girl than I would recommend you wearing either the open toe heels in a black color or black combat boots with a high heel. You can either wear a cute bow to make the outfit look cuter or wear a black leather jacket to make the outfit look a lot more edgy. The choice is op to you!

camila cabello casual outfit

I’m really into the pencil skirts lately and love it because they always give this sophisticated look. That’s mainly why I love to combine long sleeve crop tops with pencil skirts. Doesn’t Camila look gorgeous in it? I bet you would too!

Ripped boyfriend jeans (ZoYou.nl, €12,50)

I think ripped boyfriend jeans are super in right now and I haven’t been able to try a good pair myself because a lot of the boyfriend jeans in for example Pull & Bear are expensive and are always too short for me I guess. But either way, I managed to find a way to style this cutie.

I personally like it when ripped boyfriend jeans are combined with a basic white or black t-shirt. I love the combination of denim and these two colors and think it goes well with any shoes too! Take a look at this example.

ways to style ripped boyfriend jeans

Although I love and respect people wearing it with high heels, I think ripped boyfriend jeans look so much better if you dress grungy. The black t-shirt and black boots make the outfit so much edgier don’t you think?

ways to style ripped boyfriend jeans grunge

Those were some outfit ideas and ways to style the two items I chose from ZoYou. I absolutely love the two items and they are definitely on my wish list. I mean, where have you seen a pair of boyfriend jeans for more than €10,- ?

Let me know which outfit is your favorite by commenting down below. Also make sure to follow me on Instagram, I’m always posting on there!



Photo credit: Sincerely Hatty, ZoYou, StealHerStyle, Tumblr and Pinterest


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