Unboxing StyleTone Box August

StyleTone Box August 2015

I love discovering new makeup brands and testing new products out, especially if they’re cruelty free. A few weeks back I received this month’s StyleTone box and I’m really excited to unbox it for you. If you want to find out what’s in this box then please keep on reading!

StyleTone is a monthly box featuring 5 full size products (over €50,-) for you to try out for only €12,50 (Netherlands) or €15,- (Belgium) a month. StyleTone only delivers in the Netherlands and in Belgium, so it’s not international. In the box there is a leaflet which features and explains the products in that months box. The fun part is that the box always has a new theme every month! And as I said, it’s cruelty free which makes it a lot more special. What I like about the StyleTone box is that it fits in your mail box, I mean you don’t see that very often compared to other beauty boxes.

So, how do I order a StyleTone box? It’s easy! First you’ll have to select the subscription of your own choice. You can choose between a one month, three month, six month or a twelve month subscription. After you selected your choice, fill in your address and the StyleTone team will carefully pack your box and send it to you. Easy right?

The StyleTone Box August 2015

The StyleTone Box August 2015

This is the first time that I tried the StyleTone box so I’m pretty excited to unbox it and see what’s in this months box!

LOOkX Exclusive Eyeliner (€17,65)

The first thing I see in the box is this gorgeous matte eyeliner from LOOkX. I never had a matte eyeliner before because I always thought it was really hard to work with. The eyeliner is very pigmented, but really hard to get off if you ask me. I think I’m going to use it for my waterline more often and see if I like it or not. Also, after reading the leaflet I found out that there’s a sharpener on the back of eyeliner!

LOOkX exclusive eyeliner 07

LOOkX exclusive eyeliner 07

LOOkX exclusive eyeliner 07 swatch

So Susan Light Diffuser (€19,50)

The next thing I see is this bronzer and highlighter and in the leaflet it says that it’s packed with moisturizing ingredients such as cacao, papaya and kelp extract. It’s said to rejuvenate and heal fatigued skin. Well, I’m the most tired person you’ll ever meet so I think this bronzer and highlighter is made for me. I just recently got into shaping and stuff, so I’m really happy I can play around with this beauty.

So Susan Light Diffuser

So Susan Light Diffuser

So Susan Light Diffuser

So Susan Light Diffuser

Stila Pencil Sharpener (€5,95)

Wow, when I saw this I was literally gob smacked because Stila is as far as I know a really expensive beauty brand. I could hear the hallelujah chorus behind me when I found out that this beauty was in the box. It’s literally like my prayers have been answered. I’ve been planning on buying a pencil sharpener for my Essence lip liners but I was just too lazy and too broke to buy it. StyleTone, if you’re reading this, I think you should put Stila makeup products more often in every months box because that would make me and any other girl very happy!

Stila Pencil Sharpener

Stila Pencil Sharpener

Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen (€9,99)

I love eye shadow pens but the sad part is that it never works on my eyelids, it always creases and doesn’t look cute at all. The pen is really pigmented and it’s said to have Vitamin E in it. I think that this would look gorgeous in the inner corners of my eyes.

Pixi Lid Lasting Shadow Pen

Pixi Lid Lasting Shadow Pen

Pixi Lid Lasting Shadow Pen

Pixi Lid Lasting Shadow Pen Swatch

Be A…. Bombshell Lip Gloss (Pink Punch, €11,50)

Last and unfortunately least is this lip gloss in the color Pink Punch. See, the thing I don’t like about some lip glosses is the stickiness. It always dries out my lips and makes it worse. I prefer the creamy ones from Catrice, because the texture is nice and the gloss isn’t sheer. I’m sorry but this is my least favorite product from the box.

Be A.... Bombshell Lipgloss

Be A.... Bombshell Lipgloss Pink Punch

Be A.... Bombshell Lipgloss Swatch

What’s your favorite product out of this box and are you thinking of getting a box?




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