Budget Swap Challenge with ByTionne

2015-08-14 17.04.39

I love budget products and always buy them because most of the time budget products are way better than products from expensive brands. So me and my fellow blogger friend Tionne came up with the idea of doing a ‘Budget Swap Challenge’. A swap is where each person buys another person a few things for a certain amount of money. So for the Budget Swap Challenge we decided we buy each other a few things for €5,-. We thought it would be a cool idea to show people that can’t afford much can buy cool stuff for little money too. We always want bigger things in life but I personally think little gifts can be cute & cool and we need to appreciate them more. I even like handmade things because I know that person spend a lot of time on making it. So as I said me and Tionne bought each other things and of course I’m going to show you what she bought for me. If you’re curious about the things I bought for Tionne, please click right here. So with that being said let’s jump into this post.

The first thing that Tionne bought me are these gorgeous black triangle earrings with gold detailing. I’m absolutely in love with it! My favorite colors are actually black, white and gold. These go with any outfit really and I’m so excited to wear these. Love them, thanks Tionne!

2015-08-14 16.52.28

2015-08-14 16.53.22

2015-08-14 17.04.39

2015-08-14 16.53.07

The next thing she bought me is the Essence mini sheer lip balm in the shade 03 chubby berry. It smells like cherries instead of berries if you ask me but nonetheless I love the shade. It makes me think of the Collection lipstick from Perrie’s range. It’s a gorgeous dark pink color and I love the packaging. It’s a real eye catcher!

2015-08-14 16.54.12

2015-08-15 18.32.09

The last thing she bought me is the PS… Quick Dry nail polish in the shade 02-gold. Can we just take a minute for this gorgeous color, I mean it looks so gorgeous! And with only one coat it covers my nails. In the pictures I used two coats because I always paint my nails with two coats.

2015-08-15 18.49.22

2015-08-14 20.04.05

2015-08-14 20.06.51

I want to thank Tionne for buying me these cute and awesome things, I’m going to use them with love! And because we want to get you guys involved we tag everyone to take over this challenge. It’s really hard to find something for €5,- and I think Tionne and I did a great job!

What’s your favorite out of this swap? Let me know by commenting down below and while you’re at it, go follow Tionne and Me on Instagram!




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