Things that don’t add up to the PLL finale


Did you see Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars? I did, and I must say I am pretty disappointed about finding out who A really was this whole time. Were you disappointed too? I mean, personally I thought Wren was A, because I had so many good theories about Wren possibly being A and I always thought he was a bit sketchy. But after Tuesday’s episode I’ve been thinking a lot and I have a bunch of unanswered questions. I also found a few questions on Twitter I thought were pretty good too. Today I’m sharing them with you because I’m sure those who watch Pretty Little Liars also have a bunch of questions and thoughts on Tuesday’s finale. So here are the things I think that do not make sense about the finale. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, DO NOT click further because that will spoil everything.

Has anyone else noticed that when the girls first meet Cece, Spencer looks her up in an old yearbook, and Cece is listed as being prom queen. So she would have been prom queen at the prom that Charles is recreating!! Coincidence?



Cece knew Alison was alive all along, she was one of her helpers and ever was Red Coat with her?


I don’t understand why Mrs. D would let Cece date her own brother. I just don’t, that’s disgusting!

Sara is a VERY irrelevant character, so how and why is she both Red Coat and Black Widow?

Why would Cece have a visitor’s pass to visit Mona if she was a patient at Radley?


Marlene said A was supposed to have been there since the very start, but Cece wasn’t? Why did you lie Marlene?!


Here’s the thing I don’t understand about Sara, why would someone for God’s sake throw years of her life, not being with her family and friends basically having NO life just to torture a few teens that she doesn’t even know that well?


We know Cece was actually Charles DiLaurentis but then became Charlotte DiLaurentis. So Cece is basically transgender. How was Cece able to complete the transition overnight inside a mental hospital in which everyone thought she was dead? Like the surgeries, the medication how could she possibly have done it overnight?


How could Cece go on vacation with Jason and the family, spending the summer out and sleeping outside of Radley?


Spencer said that Charles felt familiar, like a childhood hood friend? Did Spencer and Charles play at the playground when they were little? Because logic would dictate that Charles is just like Jason her half-brother…

The Liars, who have been her main target are actually irrelevant to the whole thing?


These are a few unanswered questions I had and found on Twitter. I still think the information that has been given us at the finale is false though and that there is an uber A, who manipulated Cece into believing she was in control, and made her do all the dirty work. I still stick to Wren being A. He is the perfect person to do such a thing, because he has been working in Radley so he knows how a mental patient thinks and can manipulate the strings.

What were your thoughts on Cece being A, were you disappointed? If so, who could’ve been the perfect A according to you? And who did you think was A this whole time?



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One thought on “Things that don’t add up to the PLL finale

  1. Olivia B. says:

    I completely agree. Plus, all the girls were so ready to forgiver her just because she had crappy parents. Excuse me, murder threats, kidnapping and TORTURE. Hell no. Go to prison. I feel like the stuff that doesn’t make sense motive wise is just going to be given the “well they’re crazy” excuse. Crazy people don’t think their crazy.

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