The 3 things I want to improve and achieve with my blog

domain name

I have very exciting news! A few of you may or may not have noticed it but I have a domain name, yay! From now on you can find my blog at I’m really excited because now my blog feels and looks more official, which motivates me to bring out the best of me. For today I’m sharing 3 things I want to improve and achieve with my blog. So, without further ado let’s jump right into the post.

Quality photos

I love high quality photos. I cannot stress enough how much I love photography and gorgeous pictures with a white background. Now you’re going to ask me ‘Why a white background?’, well in my opinion objects, products or any material tends to pop out more when it’s photographed with a white background. Besides, a white background gives a more fresh and clean view. I always edit my Instagram pictures by putting the brightness higher, because it looks good and I love white feeds. If you want a separate post on how I edit my Instagram pictures, let me know in the comments. But in order to make high quality pictures I need to buy a very good camera. I’m saving my money at the moment and am planning on buying a Canon or Nikon camera. I’m not quite sure which one I’m going to buy yet, so if you have knowledge in the field of cameras please contact me. It’s much appreciated!

More interaction with my readers and fellow bloggers

This one is very important to me. I feel like my readers can determine the atmosphere of my blog. It really makes my day when someone, even if it’s one person, comments on my blog. I always reply back to each and every one of you, but something I have to do more often is leaving a comment on someone else’s blog. I read tons of blogs, but to show people I read their posts and to put myself & my blog out there, I have to leave a comment more often. I’m going to try my best to leave a comment on blogs I read often.

Collaborating with brands, going to press events and meet fellow bloggers

The last but not least thing that I want to achieve with my blog is to collaborate more with brands that I LOVE. I always see big bloggers going to press events and getting a sneak peak of the upcoming make up or fashion collection from a certain brand. I mean, how awesome is that? It’s really cool to see we bloggers are able to do such things and the most fun part of going to a press event is meeting fellow bloggers. I love meeting people, although I’m shy I think it’s a nice way to branch out my friend group. Because at the end of the day we have almost the same interests and we can learn a lot from each other.

What are some things you’d like to improve and achieve with your blog? Let me know by leaving a comment down below. Also, If you’re not following me on Instagram, go follow me on there for more awesomeness in your life!



Photo credit: Sincerely Hatty


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