Review 4 tea flavors from Tea Bar

00The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning (after brushing my teeth, combing my hair and all that stuff) is making myself a nice cup of tea. Usually I go for green tea with lemon but lately I’ve been into Earl Grey too, thanks to Tea Bar. I thought it would be so cool to share a few Tea flavors from the Tea Bar with my fellow tea lovers, because let’s be honest right here: Tea is bae, like the if you ask me. I can’t function without having tea in the morning. Most of the time people can’t function without having their coffee. I don’t know what it is but coffee gives me a headache and having coffee without eating something makes me dizzy. I don’t get those things when I drink tea in the morning though, so maybe it’s because of the caffeine in the coffee that causes all of these problems. I don’t know, but enough chit chat. You guys are probably getting tired of reading this long intro so let’s jump right into the review shall we?

Tea Bar is a Dutch tea shop based in Amsterdam which sells different kinds of tea flavors. You can compile so many tea flavors and give it as a gift or better, drink it yourself. Because Tea Bar has so many options I’m reviewing 4 different tea flavors for you guys and give my honest opinion about them.

EARL GREY BIO: €4,50 for a 100g package

First off we have Earl Grey bio tea and Earl Grey has this distinct calming smell of bergamot which I really like. As I said I usually drink green tea but I’m changing it up a bit lately because drinking the same flavor tea can be boring to be honest. So whenever there is no green tea left at home, I grab Earl Grey tea. If you like black tea I would highly recommend this one!


HELLO SUNSHINE BIO: €4,95 for a 100g package

The second one is Hello Sunshine bio and this one contains roses, cornflowers and marigolds. The smell of this tea is amazingly sweet and gives you a springy/summery feeling. I can really smell the roses and taste the sweetness of the marigolds in this tea. I think this one is by far my favorite.


OLIVE’S DETOX: €4,95 for a 100g package

The third one is Olive’s Detox and you can already tell by the name that this tea contains olive leaves. The tea also contains pieces of apple, orange, banana, mango but also cornflowers and sunflowers. This tea has just like Hello sunshine a sweet smell. I smell the mango, apple and orange but unfortunately this one has a bit of bitter taste instead of a sweet taste which I expected, since it smelled sweet.


MARRAKECH MINT BIO: €4,95 for a 100g package

The last one is Marrakech Mint bio and this one is the worst of them all. I really, really don’t like mint at all. I love it when it’s in gum but not when it’s like a tea flavor. The smell of the mint is so strong and not really ‘fresh’ to me if you know what I’m saying. The taste is also not really pleasant since I don’t like the smell. But if you love mint and especially are from Morocco then I would highly recommend it since a lot of my Moroccan friends drink it daily and is part of their culture.


My favorite out of these 4 tea flavors is Hello Sunshine Bio tea. What is your favorite? Tell me by leaving a comment down below!


Photo credit: SincerelyHatty and the Tea Bar


9 thoughts on “Review 4 tea flavors from Tea Bar

  1. ariebea says:

    Wow these all look amazing. I love mint so maybe I will try the Marrakech one. They all look really nice. If they had a place in Canada I would definitely try some 🙂

  2. Tea Bar Amsterdam says:

    Hi Hatice!

    Dank je wel voor je mooie review van onze Tea Bar thee, Hello Sunshine is bij ons ook groot favoriet 🙂 Als je Olive iets korter laat trekken, 3 minuten, dan is ze enkel fruitig en niet bitter. De bitterheid komt van het olijfblad, wat ook bloedzuiverend werkt. ♡ van het Tea Bar team

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