DearBodyWorks hand sanitizers

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For those who know me, know that I am a huge lover of the Bath and Bodyworks hand sanitizers. Unfortunately the brand still hasn’t released their products here in The Netherlands. Recently I found this new Dutch web shop called DearBodyWorks and I can tell you that you are going to fall in love with these B&B dupes! So, let’s jump right into this review shall we?

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A lot of you may know that the B&B hand sanitizers are really expensive and not everyone can really afford stuff that costs a lot of money. You don’t always have a tissue with you when you touch something dirty or just ate/drink something and spilled some on your hands. An anti-bacterial hand sanitizer will always come in handy at situations like this. DearBodyWorks has these adorable little hand sanitizers which look so familiar with the B&B ones. They also have a really nice scent and each of the sanitizers have a different color. But most importantly they are so inexpensive!

I am going to review 6 of these sanitizers and will give you my honest opinion about them.

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2015-04-08 11.42.52

Be myself – This is a really fruity and floral scent and really reminds me of Justin Bieber’s perfume called ‘someday’. I can smell a bit of tangerine in this one, I love this!

Dream Chiffon – This one is more of a rosy scent and somehow gives me a really happy feeling.

Country Chic – Ok guys this one is by far my favorite! This one has citrus in it gives my hands an even more cleaner feeling.

2015-04-08 11.42.12

Into the Wild – I don’t even know how to describe this one but like it says the scent is so WILD. I can smell wild blossoms and a bit of tangerine.

Sweet pea – a lovely mix of freesia, musk and pear! Yum!

Love freedom –  This scent reminds me of the beach and the sea. This is next to  Country Chic a much fresher scent.

I am in love with these sanitizers! They dry so quickly when I put it on my hands and it leaves a really lovely scent for like 3 hours or so. The ingredients are: Water, Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Fragrance, Tocopheryl, Acetate, Carbomer, Jojoba ester, Tetrasodium EDTA, Linalool, CI 16255 and CI 42090. It really surprises me that even though there is alcohol in these sanitizers, my hands don’t get dry at all!

My favorites are definitely: Sweet Pea and Country Chic. You can find these cuties at the site of DearBodyWorks. One sanitizer costs €1,95! What a bargain! I don’t know if they sell it internationally as well but I will keep you guys updated if I know more.

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4 thoughts on “DearBodyWorks hand sanitizers

  1. lila says:

    Sounds really great! Sadly, we can’t try them out over here in Germany. 😦 But mayble they’ll be available here one day! 🙂

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