Superfan Saturday: Meet Nina!


Every Saturday I am interviewing superfans who are in love with a particular singer/actor/band etc. I ask them celeb and a few beauty questions. So without futher a do let’s jump right into this interview. This weeks superfan is: Nina! If you want to be interviewed just like Nina just send me and email to:

  1. Can you start of by introducing yourself? (e.g. Name, age, country etc.) I’m Nina, I’m 15 years old, I live in Holland, I’m very short (something like 156 cm) and I’m a fake blonde, I have 3 nationalities I’m Dutch, American & Indonesian(Javanese). nina
  2. What kind of music do you listen to most of the time? Sum 41, Miley Cyrus, The Neighbourhood, Sleeping With Sirens, Marina and the Diamonds, The Pretty Reckless, Crown the Empire, Maroon 5, the Strokes, Haim, Pierce the Veil, Imagine Dragons, Lana del Rey, Asking Alexandria, Years & Years, Eminem, Anarbor, Mumford & Sons, Foo Fighters, Shawn Mendes, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Of Mice & Men, One Direction etc. mostly to alternative or rock music and sometimes pop but I prefer rock haha.
  3. Would you describe yourself as a fangirl? If yes, when did you start realizing you were becoming a fangirl? If no, could you explain why? Well lately the fangirling has become less, but I’d still describe myself as a fangirl, it all started with Danny Phantom, Ryan Sheckler & Liam Hemsworth and I was around 7 or 8 years old.
  4. If you could invite three singers/bands to a pool party who would you choose and why? This question is hard haha, uhh I think, Miley Cyrus, because she has been my idol ever since and I honestly love her the most out of everyone! Shawn Mendes, because he’s my idol and he has a beautiful body and let’s be honest we all want to see him at a pool party I mean look at those muscles & the Neighbourhood because  they’re my favorite band and also they’re very hot.
  5. What is your favorite song at the moment? The Strays – Sleeping With Sirens
  6. Which celebrity would you ship yourself with? Harry Styles, Luke Hemmings, Sam Claflin, Shawn Mendes, Kellin Quinn, Alan Ashby, Brendon Urie & Oliver Sykes ( those are a lot but my favs I’m very (not)sorry haha )
  7. What was your favorite fangirl moment and what made that very moment that special? My favorite fangirl moment is mostly when I buy concert tickets! It makes me the happiest girl alive, just the idea of seeing one of your favorite artists/bands live is best feeling ever!
  8. How do you feel about other people hating on the singer/songwriter/band you like? Sometimes I get offended, but when I think about it it’s like ‘ well hate on them, more for me though’
  9. What makes you like a singer and become a fan of them? Is it the looks, the music, the personality etc? It starts with music, most of the times, later with personality, because what is a pretty face with an ugly personality? It doesn’t really matter to me if he/she is ‘not pretty’ or ‘pretty’ because if you have an amazing personality I’ll love them anyway.
  10. How many celebs did you meet? And can you name them all? Bruno Mars his crew, Jedward, Jamie Ryan Dee, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Daniel Sahyounie, Ansel Elgort, Lou Teasdale, Lucky Blue Smith, Jerome Jarre, Harrison Webb, All Time Low, Nick Martin ( 5 times ), Justin Hills ( 2 times ), Mike Fuentes ( 2 times ) & Kellin Quinn ( 3 times )
  11. Last  celeb question! If you could mash up two songs of completely different artist together what songs would you mash up? High Hopes – The Vamps & Crazy World – Boys Like Girls


  1. What are you the most insecure about? My nose, my teeth & my body
  2. What is your favorite beauty product you can’t live without? My EOS lip balm! I seriously can’t live without it.
  3. What’s your thought on ‘perfection’ or ‘trying to be perfect’ ? There’s no such thing as perfection to me, here some wise words from one of the best songs these days ‘ perfection is a disease of a nation ‘ (pretty hurts – beyonce) such a good song
  4. If you could choose between eyeliner or lipstick which one would you choose? Lipstick!
  5. Is there anything else you want people to know? (it can be something random) Your fav loves you, and never give up on meeting/seeing them 🙂

Thank you so much Nina! And again if you’d like to be interviewed like Nina, please send me an email a



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