Superfan Saturday: Meet Sammy


Every Saturday I am interviewing superfans who are in love with a particular singer/actor/band etc. I ask them celeb and a few beauty questions. So without futher a do let’s jump right into this interview. This weeks superfan is: Sammy! If you want to be interviewed just like Sammy just send me and email to:

  1. Can you start of by introducing yourself? (e.g. Name, age, country etc.) Hi, I’m Sammy Cohen, I’m 19 years old sammyand live in the Netherlands.
  2. What kind of music do you listen to most of the time? Pop, rock. Most of the time 5 seconds of summer, One Direction, Nickelback, All Time Low, Miley Cyrus and Bastille.
  3. Would you describe yourself as a fangirl? If yes, when did you start realizing you were becoming a fangirl? If no, could you explain why? Yes! I am! Haha, I realized it when I was 12 when I became fan of the Jonas Brothers. I saw them on YouTube and I was totally in love with them, especially with Joe Jonas. I don’t know why I became fan and how but I just felt so connected with them for some reason and I loved their music so much and they always knew how to make me laugh. When I see them now I still smile widely! I will always be a fangirl of them.
  4. If you could invite three singers/bands to a pool party who would you choose and why? Jonas Brothers, One Direction , 5 seconds of summer and  I would choose them because I love them and the members the most. They mean so much to me and seem fun to hang out with. These 3 bands mean the most to me. They’re different than other bands to me, I feel more connected with them than with other bands.
  5. What is your favorite song at the moment? More than this – One Direction. That Always will be my favorite song.
  6. Which celebrity would you ship yourself with? Ashton Irwin from 5 seconds of summer because he asked me to take a selfie with him when I met him! I don’t know but we have the same taste in everything and he means so much to me.
  7. What was your favorite fangirl moment and what made that very moment that special? When Ashton Irwin asked me for a selfie when we met. Normally the fan asks the star for a selfie but he asked me! To be honest, I don’t really see him as famous or a star. I felt so connected with him and he made me feel so comfortable. I just love him. The selfie was on his phone but he emailed it to me! I am so thankful!
  8. How do you feel about other people hating on the singer/songwriter/band you like? It pisses me off! I understand people who dislike bands because of the music but some people send hate to fans and to the band itself and I just don’t get that. They’re hurting people for no reason. If you dislike a band or artist don’t spend your free time on hating on them because that makes no sense.
  9. What makes you like a singer and become a fan of them? Is it the looks, the music, the personality etc? For example 5 seconds of summer. My friend was huge fan of them and for some reason I disliked them because I had the feeling that a lot of One Direction fans were leaving the fandom for 5SOS. But then I heard a song that I liked and I was wondering who it sang and apparently it was 5SOS. I loved their music so much and then I saw an Instagram video where they were acting silly and that’s when I became really fan of them. Their personalities are just amazing and their voices are just…. OMG perfect.
  10. How many celebs did you meet? And can you name them all? 5 seconds of summer (three times), Justin Bieber, 30 seconds to mars, A lot of actors from the Hobbit and Jedward
  11. Last  celeb question! If you could mash up two songs of completely different artist together what songs would you mash up? Mmmm this one is hard haha, I think Lose yourself- Eminem and They don’t about us- One Direction but I don’t know why.


  1. What are you the most insecure about? My arms and nose.
  2. What’s your thought on ‘perfection’ or ‘trying to be perfect’ ? This sounds cliché but being yourself and smile.
  3. What is your favorite beauty product you can’t live without? Eyebrow powder
  4. If you could choose between eyeliner or lipstick which one would you choose? lipstick
  5. Is there anything else you want people to know? (it can be something random) laugh every day, it makes your life more fun.

Thank you Sammy! If you want me to interview you too, please email me or send me an instamessage on instagram!



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