Turn your instagram pictures in polaroid with PRINTL


Photography is a passion of mine which has developed over the past few years. That’s why I use Instagram to express myself and share my thoughts, the things I love and memories of special occasions to keep them alive. Not everyone can afford a polaroid camera so when I discovered PRINTL and their service, I thought I share it with you. If you can’t wait to print out those instagram photos in a polaroid size, then please keep reading.


PRINTL is basically a start up which prints your 10 most populair/most liked Instagram photos every month and deliver them to  you. The cool thing about PRINTL is that you don’t have to pick the photos yourself, because the populair posts are those who gained the most likes. It’s like your audience is the Judge! You don’t have to worry about the quality of the picture because the photos will be printed on excellent paper quality and packed in a handmade envelope made with love.

All you have to do is sign in with your instagram account, buy a subscription, pay and add your details like: your name, address, etc. They ship free worldwide and the subscription costs $9.99 for every month and it’s up to you to print as many pictures for as many months as you want. The price also includes the delivery, which means that you don’t have to worry about anything afterwards. For my lovely readers I have a discount code of 50% for you guys: PRINTL50

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset @vittomotta

IMG_6292This is what PRINTL says:

‘We started as an extension to the popularity of Instagram, believing in the importance of keeping your favorite moments alive and it was more of an emotional decision to create Printl and find more users that can relate to our nostalgia for prints of Polaroid style. It is such a sweet way to preserve your experiences that it’s our task to make sure you receive them at an excellent quality, but still at a low cost, always with a customer service that you deserve – awesome!’

This would be a great gift for e.g. a friends birthday or as decoration for your room. I’m probably going to post a Tumblr room decoration with these polaroids when mine arrive.

If you don’t have an Instagram you should totally make one because for me it’s a way to express myself and through twitter or facebook it doesn’t feel the same. If you do have an instagram make sure to follow me here 


Do you like polaroids and are you gonna use the PRINTL service?



7 thoughts on “Turn your instagram pictures in polaroid with PRINTL

  1. Rusha says:

    Sooo awesome.
    Ik heb echt teveel foto’s maar wil ze echt nog laten afdrukken… Daar gaat mijn geld weer haha.
    Ga je nog wat met de fotos doen?

    Good vibes,

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