Resting Bitch Face

Friend: ‘I seriously thought you were a bitch when I first met you.’ Me: ‘Why is that?’ Friend: ‘Well, I don’t know I just assumed it.’ Does this conversation sound familair to you? If yes, then congratulations you might fall under the category girls with RBF. What is RBF? Well darling first make yourself a warm cup of tea and take a seat because mama is going to explain it all to you. Basically RBF means Resting Bitch Face and it’s when someone looks angry, sad or irritated while in reality it’s just the way their resting face is. According to Dr. Anthony Youn your brows and mouth can make you look bitchy when you’re actually not. For example the permanent frown when the corners of our mouth droop or because our brows are a little bit low.

I’ve at least had 5 people come up to me in my intire life telling me they thought I was a bitch and when they got to know me they realized I wasn’t bitchy at all. IT’S JUST MY FACE! A few things people with RBF hear often is the question if everything is ok or if you’re mad at them.

Also when something exciting happens to a friend they’ll ask you why you ain’t happy for them.

22 Things That Only Happen To People Who Have Resting Bitchface

It’s also really hard to make new friends because like I just said everyone including your crush thinks you’d be a bitch. Seriously it’s even harder playing hard to get when you are hard to get like me (in a bad way).

You have trouble flirting because the person you are flirting with pretty much always assumes you hate them.

You probably think you look cute but when you look in the mirror you’ll see what people have been looking at all day.

But what can you do? At the end of the day people who don’t know you will think you’re mean and a bitch. You have to deal with it, let it go and don’t overthink it.

Do you have a Resting Bitch Face?


Photo credit: Tumblr, Eonline & 9GAG


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