My week in pictures #1

my week in pictures 1I’ve seen so many bloggers doing this so I thought it would be a great idea to try this out. That’s why I’m sharing the things I did this week in pictures. If you would like to see more ‘My week in pictures’ posts please let me know in the comment section and like this post. So, shall we?

I was looking through some pictures the other night and saw I still had photos of my trip to London with my school back in 2012. I remember I was so excited to go to the UK, because I’ve always dreamed of going there. Also I’m going to be totally honest with you guys, literally the people there are so attractive! I don’t know what it is with British people but their accents are a major turn on for me. The same goes for Australian accents. Love them! Anyway I thought I’d share a few pictures I took in London.

286772_3641397749418_1032338553_o 415405_3347180154162_765137416_o 463053_3347211754952_773855800_o

This week I was thinking of posting more OOTD posts so I was experimenting with the camera and different styles. I still have to buy a really nice camera so please bare with me guys. I know I’m not the best photographer but it’s a huge passion of mine and I’m working on getting better at it.

ootd 1 ootd 2

Also I made a new banner for my blog I must admit I like this one a lot better than my previous one. My blogname is the beauty vampire, so because the previous one didn’t really make sense with the name I decided to change it. Please let me know if you guys like this one better.

new blog banner

I also got some goodies from W7 cosmetics so I’m really ecited to review them for you guys! Can you tell what palette I got?


What did you do this week? Also don’t forget to follow me on instagram and twitter because I hit 400 followers on instagram I will be doing a giveaway pretty soon so keep an eye out for that!



4 thoughts on “My week in pictures #1

    • haticedogan says:

      Thank you so much!! Sure!
      In the first picture:
      – Shoes from Schoenenreus it’s a shoeshop here in Holland
      -Top from H&M it’s one of those with the black shoulder and white middle
      – Pants from Pull and Bear
      -Cardigan from Primark
      – Jacket from H&M

      In the second picture:
      – Shoes from van Haren it’s also a shoeshop in Holland
      – Top from H&M
      – Pants from Pull & Bear
      – Jacket from H&M

      I hope this helps! x

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