5 Tumblr inspired outfits to wear on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming and for some of us it means getting spoiled by your boyfriend/husband, going to the movies, going out for dinner and all that cute stuff. So for the girls out there who are celebrating it or if you want to look cute for that special someone I selected a few cute outfits you could wear on Valentine’s Day!

Outfit 1. This outfit is for the girls who live in warmer places and are going for a nice beach walk.

Outfit 2. If you’re a tom boy and like beanies then you’ll love this grunge outfit look.

Outfit 3. This one is for them cute girls who love an edgy touch to their outfits. This is a perfect outfit when you’re going to have dinner with your lover.

Outfit 4. If you feel like dressing up and if you’re a dress lover like me, this outfit will look gorgeous on you. The high heels will also give you length and make your legs appear longer.

Outfit 5. If you live in a chillier place like me, cardigans are a way to style without overdressing. You can style them with tights and a cute pair of combat boots or any boots you have in your closet. This is also by far my favorite outfit which I would most likely wear on any occasion.

What outfit is your fave?


Photo credit: Tumblr and Stealherstyle.net


3 thoughts on “5 Tumblr inspired outfits to wear on Valentine’s Day

  1. nicolewestley says:

    These are all fab 🙂 Unfortunately it is sooooo cold here in Cheshire that the only one I’d be able to wear comfortably would be outfit 5 (good thing it’s so cute!). Nicole x

      • nicolewestley says:

        It’s great here in Chester, lots of history. I went to university with two guys from the Netheands! They were so nice 🙂 I like London for the day but big cities scare me a little so don’t think I’d be able to live there. Nicole x

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