Things you say or think before, during and after a concert

We all have been there, you are going to a concert of your favorite artist *one direction cough cough* and can’t wait to finally see them in real life. For a fangirl like me it’s a huge deal, I mean you’ve been waiting ages and can’t actually believe you’re going to breath the same air as them. So here are a few things we do or say/think before, during and after a concert.


1. You are picking your clothes one day before the concert, because you either can’t choose from the other 5 outfits you put together months ago and think they all look cute or all look horrible. I need a personal stylist!

2. You’re listening to their music so you can actually sing along with them to all their songs. If you are a diehard fan, this doesn’t apply to you.

3. You just can’t sleep because you’re too excited.

4. You’re determined to work out because you want to look hot and stuff for the artist…raise your hand if you ever did this!


5. Thinking they look so much hotter in real life.

6. ‘It’s soo hot in here maybe I shouldn’t have worn my cardigan, but it’s so cold outside the venue….’ The struggle is real guys.

7. ‘Why are all these girls screaming? The artist/band hasn’t even come up yet’

8. ‘Why the hell are you pushing me, stay on your spot please!’

9. ‘Oh God, why did I drink this much water. Now I gotta pee, but I don’t want to lose my spot. You know what I’ll hold it… *5 min later*  someone help me I’m dying over here!’

10. ‘I’ll never have a chance dating him, there are so many gorgeous girls around here…mehh’

11. ‘They sound so much better live!’

12. I’m sooo gonna buy their t-shirt *checks pricetag* never mind…’


13. ‘When will the next train depart from this platform? I have school at 8A.M. tomorrow!’

14. ‘They were soo good, why did it end so soon?’

15. ‘I miss them already, I’m definitely going again next year!’

16. ‘Next year imma try my hardest best to get platinum tickets or sound check experience!’ *fails again*

I hope you guys could relate to these situations and liked it!


Photo credit: We Heart t and Tumblr


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