O.P.I Fifty Shades of Grey limited edition collection

We’ve seen the trailer and read the book, but what’s more exciting is that O.P.I is launching a series of six new limited-edition nail shades all by the upcoming movie Fifty Shades of Grey. And yes you guessed it right! The nail polishes are in different shades of grey. This collection will be out mid January and if you’re excited for the movie as well as these nail polishes like me, than please keep on reading!

From left to right: My Silk Tie, Romantically Involved, Dark Side of the Mood,  Shine for Me, Cement the Deal and Embrace the Gray

I loved how they came up with creating all this different shades of grey and how they based it on the movie, but personally  I would either buy Romantically Involved or My Silk Tie because grey just doesn’t suite me at all! Also I loved how O.P.I mixed it up and added a gorgeous deep red color in this LE collection. I think they did it to catch peoples eyes, because let’s be honest if it were all grey it would look monotone and boring. Good job O.P.I!

As always O.P.I nail polishes wouldn’t be complete without the minis!

You can buy these GREY’s (see what I did there) mid January. The big bottles cost 13 euros each and the mini set 23 euros. You can find them at your local perfumery.

What’s you’re favorite color from this collection? Also make sure to follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Instagram!



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