Maybelline Baby Lips® Electro™ Lip Balm

2014-12-28 13.18.21

By now I think the whole world knows about the Maybelline Baby Lips lipbalms, no surprise cause they are in my opinion the cutest and the best lipbalms ever! I saw that Maybelline finally released these cuties in the Dutch drugstores, so I went and bought 3 shades: Minty Sheer, Pink Shock and Berry Bomb. I love neon lip colors and heard that these balms were very pigmented and gave gorgeous color pay off, so without further a do let’s jump right into this review!

Baby Lips® Electro™ Lip Balm   Baby Lips® Electro™ Lip Balm

Left to Right: Pink Shock and Fierce N Tangy

Baby Lips® Electro™ Lip Balm   Baby Lips® Electro™ Lip Balm

Left to Right: Berry Bomb and Oh! Orange!

Baby Lips® Electro™ Lip Balm   Baby Lips® Electro™ Lip Balm

Left to Right: Minty Sheer and Strike a Rose

Maybelline actually came with 6 shades in this collection, but because the other colors we’re out of stock I only bought 3 shades. I will review the other 3 shades as soon as I get them!

2014-12-28 11.13.57

2014-12-28 11.17.52


This lipbalm is a transparent one and smells like the name says minty. When I put this on my lips it gave me this ticklish feeling, you could tell that there is menthol in this one. I find that this one smells really fresh and hydrates my lips really well. It doesn’t give that much color pay off, so it’s a perfect shade to have with you all the time whenever your lips  are dry.


Wow, literally I was so shocked by the color pay off because guys it’s insane how pigmented this one is. My lips were literally neon pink and it suited me really well, the color made my light brown eyes pop. This one smells like raspberry and I personally don’t like the smell but I’ll forgive Maybelline because it’s by now the most pigmented pink lipbalm I own.


Berry colors are sooo in right now and I have to say that I was the most excited about this one! This one also has a little bit of color pay off and smells like blueberries I guess and something like grapefruit. I would suggest you buying this one if you have bright blue eyes, because girl this one will pop your beautiful eyes!

2014-12-28 13.24.09

Left to right: Minty Sheer, Pink Shock and Berry Bomb

You can fin the Baby Lips Electro Collection in the Dutch drugstores Kruidvat and Etos for 3,50 euros. For my international viewers, you can find these at Ulta, Target, Boots and Superdrug!

Which lipbalm is your favorite from this collection?



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