House of Holland nails and Christmas giveaway


Fun and fashionable designer nails by House of Holland. Created and inspired by Henry Holland’s London Fashion Week collections, the range of nails reflect Henry’s love of colour, playfulness and design. -Elegant Touch

As you all may already know, I’m a nailpolishaholic, but lately I’ve been obsessing over the House of Holland nails I personally think they look absolutely cute and you can style them just the way your heart desires! I’m going to show you guys a few of my faves of the HOH collection.

Because it’s Christmas and because I want to give back to you guys, I’m giving 3 sets House of Holland nails away. The 3 sets are: Neon Nibs, Glitter Stars and Tie Dye For. All you have to do is like the picture on my instagram, repost it with the #HOHandTBVgiveaway and follow me on all my social media sites. You can still enter if you don’t have a Tumblr for example, but you have to follow me on instagram. You can also enter by following my blog, reblogging this post to your blog and commenting down below what you’re favorite nailpolish brand is incase you don’t have social media at all.

I hope you guys had a lovely Christmas and I wish you guys a happy (early) new year! Also if you want to buy the HOH nailset, you can find them at Boots for £8.99!



2 thoughts on “House of Holland nails and Christmas giveaway

  1. Anneleen says:

    Mijn favoriete merken nagellak zijn OPI en Alessandro! 🙂 Ik volg je op IG, Twitter en Bloglovin. En ik volg ook je Blog via wordpress! Ik zal ook je foto reposten op IG!

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