Yankee Candle: Snow in Love and Soft Blanket

Candles, I can never get enough of them especially the winter candles of Yankee Candle. Because it’s Winter and I used up all my candles, I bought two white candles: Snow in Love and Soft Blanket, and I wanted to review them for you guys so you can buy it for yourself or a friend for Christmas if you haven’t had the time to buy something. Either way, if you’re curious about these cuties then please keep reading! First I’m going to start of with Snow in Love a fresh, neutral and femenine scent. It’s not really a floral scent but I can smell that there  is something flowery in this candle, although Yankee says there isn’t. It’s a really nice scent and when I smelled the candle it reminded me of the moment when I first saw my crush. I think the love I felt at that very moment made this candle scent slightly sweeter, maybe that’s why I smelled something flowery. 2014-12-23 10.06.42 Next we have Soft blanket and this candle is very light and soft. I can definitely smell some vanilla and this one also has a really fresh scent to it just like Snow in Love, but I feel like this scent is warmer. The picture on the candle makes me want to cuddle up with my blanky and teddybear! 2014-12-23 10.05.46 candle The candles are 2,50 euros each in case you guys are willing to buy them! What’s your favorite Yankee Candle scent? BLOG NAAM


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