Hask Argan Oil Shampoo

2014-12-19 16.46.04

If you had three wishes from a genie in a magic lamp, what would they be? New shoes? A fancy car? Maybe you’d wish for perfectly soft, luscious hair! Well wish no more. You don’t need a genie for healthy, beautiful locks when you have HASK Argan Oil products! Also known as “liquid gold,” Argan Oil is a precious, time-honored beauty secret in its native Morocco. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, Argan Oil from Morocco repairs, strengthens and moisturizes hair, all while taming frizz and adding shine. So saunter on down to the bazaar and barter for some of that liquid gold! Or you can, you know, pick up some HASK Argan Oil products… yeah, that’d probably be easier. Oh, and genie? About that new car….

From the HASK Beauty website here are the details what the Argan oil line is all about.

I’ve heard sooo many things about Argan oil and it’s taking over the world, no surprise because alot of celebrities use them too. When I saw this brand in the Primark I thought why not give it a try and tell you guys my honest opinion about this shampoo. HASK Beauty has more than just the shampoo, the brand also has the conditioner, Repairing Shine Oil and Repairing Deep conditioner. What I like about it is that HASK used the same colors for the bottles just like Moroccan Oil.

You can see that they brought back the brown and blue color.It’s almost like these are the signatue colors of Argan oil.


Yesterday I took a shower and used the shampoo. I immediately noticed that the shampoo had a citrus scent. I’m not quite sure if I like it but it’s probably something I should get used to. The scent isn’t that strong though. I applied it to my wet hair massaged and rinsed it  thoroughly and you can repeat as often as you like but I used a good amount of product so for me it wasn’t necessary. I let my hair air dry and I actually noticed that my hair felt really soft and smooth. I’m thinking of buying the oil too. I didn’t expect much of this product but I was so wrong. It really does something good too your hair and when I looked up the ingredients of Moroccan Oil and HASK I saw that they had the exact same ingredients. You can just buy it for less instead of spending much for much less ml/ FL. OZ.

Here is what the product looks like

2014-12-20 10.38.08

I bought the HASK Argan Oil Shampoo for 5 euros from PRIMARK.

Have you used any of these products or another brand which sells Argan oil? Let me know because I will definitely check them out!



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