What’s on my Christmas wishlist?

Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day you correctly pointed out that it could not be mine as I was still alive and your fiance had been missing…haha hope that made you laugh! What’s up you guys, long time no see. I’ve been sooo busy with my exams and school projects I seriously haven’t had the time to post properly. But I’m gonna make it up to you guys! Christmas is coming and that means love, laughter and PRESENTS! So I’m gonna show you guys the things that are on my wishlist!

The first thing that’s on my wishlist is the new Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy Dream’ fragrance. I LOVE Marc Jacobs and all his stuff! It would seriously be an honour to be in his presence and meet him! That man is a genius and it’s like I know his personality because of the way he designs the perfumes! I smelled this once in the perfumery and it was like I went 5 seconds to heaven and came back!

The second one is a COLLECTION lipstick from Little Mix, and I’m talking about the purple lipstick from Perrie’s range. I am absolutely in love with purple lipsticks I think they suite me well and make my light brown/hazel eyes pop. I’m gonna do a really fun tutorial on Perrie’s lips so stay tuned for that! I know COLLECTION doesn’t sell these here in Holland but I really wanne get my hands on this cutie asap! I mean don’t you think it looks stunning?

The third one is a nice pair off fluffy socks from the PRIMARK! It’s winter and don’t Judge me but I DO wear socks in bed. Seriously though how do people sleep without socks during the winter I would get a cold really fast. You should thank God for giving you a great immunesystem lol!

And last but not least I wanne meet my two favorite bands: 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction. Now I know some of you don’t like them but everyone has a different taste in music. I don’t listen to them like non stop I also listen to Imagine Dragons, the 1975, Tom Odell, Ed Sheeran, The Script and all those other great artists.

So there  you have it. This is on my Christmas wishlist. Obviously it’s not about getting presents etc but just enjoying being with your friends and family.

What’s on your christmas wishlist?


Photo credit:  Tumblr, everinmay.com, milkbubbletea.blogspot.com and colourmechloe.blogspot.com


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