A few months ago I posted an article on the Victoria’s Secret bodylotions and you guys seem to like it! When I saw that my local drugstore also sold the bodymists for a much lower price I knew I had to try at least one! So I kinda broke the promise I made with myself because I ended up buying two of the bodymists! But there were so many different kind of bodymists and the woman who worked there told me that they were going fast. So you can’t blame me. 2014-11-16 13.44.00 The first one I bought is ‘Sheer Love’ it’s a very mature feminine scent and reminds me of aloe vera/white cotton and surprisingly on the back it said: Refreshing formula is infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile. I really like this scent and also people complimented me alot when I wore this bodymist. The only thing with bodymists is that it doesn’t stay long and that the scent will fade. You’ll have to re-apply it after 3-4 hours. 2014-11-16 13.44.26 The second one is ‘Love Spell’ and it’s a really strong peachy scent if you’d ask me. I love peaches but there are people put there like my lil sis who loves peaches as well but don’t like this scent. She says it has the smell of cough drops. On the back of the bodymist it says the exact same thing as ‘Sheer Love’. I am really happy with my shopped items. Normally these cost 25 euros each but now the Dutch drugstore Etos sells them for 8,99 euros each! How amazing is that? Etos buys them from VS and sells them for a much lower price so it’s not that the quality of the product is bad or something. Which one do you own or are you planning on buying one of these bodymists I showed you? Let me know in the comment section. BLOG NAAM



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