Accepting myself

A while ago I told you guys in a blogpost about my illness. I got alot of sweet comments and I couldn’t wish for more lovely viewers like you! A few days ago I changed my outlook on my life and my illness. I was born with lymphangioma (good tumor to lymphnodes) and till this day I’ve been really insecure, depressed and all that kind of stuff. But you know what I am so sick and tired of overthinking things. Things that won’t even matter when I am an old lady sitting on a wheelchair. Whenever I saw an interview or a photoshoot of a celebrity I immediately thought: ‘Well, I wanne be famous too but I’m probably not beautiful enough to be in that position.’ or ‘I wish I had her body, smile, teeth, legs etc.’ But I got so tired and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I’ve seen people laughing behind my back in my face and all that shit. You think you’re pretty? Your face may be beautiful but your heart is from stone let me tell you that. How dare you to make me feel less worth it? Everybody is different why can’t you deal with that? Why can’t you just be nice? How do you know you’re not going to get hit by a car and get paralyzed tomorrow? YOU JUST DON’T FUCKING KNOW. It could happen to anyone of us. And because you don’t know I want all  of  you to know that it isn’t in our hands. If I could change anything about myself I would, but you can’t change everything. You have to enhance those imperfections you can’t change and be happy with them. I want to be fit and I’m trying to get and eat healthier because I think I’ve big thighs. You can change things like that but not the color of your eyes or something like that (you can with contacts but you know what I mean). You can change your style for example just like I did and express yourself through fashion.

So that’s why I’m happy with who I am and from now on I won’t give a damn of what people think of me. I am actually enjoying life more now and people told me I looked happier. I’m also trying to accept compliments more from people. I am accepting myself, and you should do that too!


Photo credit: lovethispic and melovequotes


6 thoughts on “Accepting myself

  1. melissaclaireleslie says:

    Good for you girl, you’re beautiful inside and out and your happiness is paramount to what anyone else sees or thinks! ❤

  2. Katie says:

    Great post Hatice! I have had to learn to love and accept myself for who I am as well. It just makes life so much easier. Much love! xo

  3. Armed with a lipstick says:

    I loved to read this post! I have noticed that this kind of post (where we are a bit philosophical and reflective) aren´t always the most popular ones, but I think it´s so important to think these thoughts and to find your inner strenght and love for yourself.
    Thank you for this post! 🙂

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