Limited Edition “VIENNART” by CATRICE

Art nouveau, glamour and flower decorations are making a come back this year. The new Limited Edition called ‘VIENNART’ is going to steal all the girly girls’ hearts. This trend is really feminine and classic at the same time which is perfect for PROM if you ask me. This trend will make you feel more elegant.

The Catrice ‘VIENNART’ limited edition trend comes with 3 baked eyeshadows. These three baked eyeshadows have a lot of pigmentation and come in a gold, purple and lavender color. The names of the eyeshadows are: C01 Pearly Plastering, C02 Stunning Stucco, C03 Lovely Lace and cost 3,99 euros each.

A limited edition can’t be complete without the lipsticks! Catrice has 3 really beautiful shimmery and creamy lipsticks in a nice burgundy, red and peachy nude color . The names of the lipsticks are C01 Nude Nouveau, C02 Klimt’s Gentle Kiss, C03 Klimt’s Ardent Kiss and the lipsticks are 3,99 euros each.

catrice 1

Wow guys the next one really caught my eye and it’s a really pretty scented powder in a nice, old perfume bottle. I would literally buy this and put it as decoration in my room. The powder has a really nice floral scent to it as Catrice says and it will highlight your skin beautifully! The scented powder bottle costs 4,99 euros.

Catrice also came with a nice blush with beautiful flower designs on it. My sister is a big blush lover so I know 100% she is gonna buy this one. Zeynep  if you are reading this…you say I don’t but your eyes say I do! This blush is 3,99 euros.

catrice 2

These 4 gorgous nailpolishes are also in this limited edition. The bottles are decorated with nice floral designs and come in the next shades: C01 Pearlescent Purpose, C02 Vienna Rose Woods, C03 LilART Lily, C04 ARTful Red and cost 2,99 euros each.

And last but not least, a mirror! Yes, a mirror to look at that beautiful smile of yours and to remind yourself that you are a sexy boss. The mirror is 3,59 euros.

catrice 3

I am really excited for the lipsticks! What’s your favorite of this collection? Let me know in the comment section!


Photocredit: Catrice and


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