Maybelline Babylips ♥ color

2014-09-03 17.58.25

My bestfriend Wing went to Hong Kong and Japan, he was so nice to buy me some gifts. He bought 3 new babylips lipbalms that aren’t available in Europe or America as far as I know so I thought it would be cool to review these cuties for you guys. Believe me at the end of this article you are going to want these! So if you’re interested in these babies then please keep on reading!

The first one is ‘Pink Lolita’ this is a really nice pink color with a little bit of shimmer in it. This lipbalm smells really fresh and minty. I get that tinkly feeling on my lips you know when you put on menthol lipbalms. This lipbalm makes my lips really soft as all of the babylips’ do. This is one of my favorites of all the three.

The second one is ‘Pink addict’ this is a nice sheer color which is perfect if you’re not the type of person who wants color popping lips. I personally don’t like sheer lipbalms so I didn’t like this lipbalm as much as ‘Pink Lolita’. I always want some color on my lips so as I said it’s not that I don’t like the product but it’s the formula that disappoints me. Other than that I really like the fact that this lipbalm makes my lips really soft. This lipbalm also smells fresh, minty and has shimmer.

The third one is ‘Poppy Red’ and guys this a really nice sheer red color which looks really good if you put on a couple of layers! Normally I don’t wear or gravitate towards red colors but this is actually a really nice soft red lipblam. I am experimenting with red colors now and think that this is a nice color to begin with. Like the other two lipbalms this one also has the same smell and shimmer in it.

2014-09-04 17.07.34

2014-09-04 17.12.13

Swatches from top to down: Poppy Red – Pink Lolita – Pink addict.

What has been your favorite from the three lipbalms? Let me know in the comment section! Also I asked Wing how much each one of them costs but he refused to answer so I will be putting the prices of these lipbalms as soon as I find out! As far as I know these cuties are available in Asia and will let you guys know when they hit the Europian stores!



4 thoughts on “Maybelline Babylips ♥ color

  1. sundayblack says:

    I find that baby lips make your lips really soft when you’re using it but as soon as you stop using it or use another product they become very dry. Do you have this? or is it just me?

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