Monthly Music Favorites!


Hi lovelies! It’s November already and I wanted to share my music favorites with you because there has been some awesome music lately. Let’s jump right into it!

1. 5 Seconds Of Summer (Album)

The first one is 5sos’ album which is absolutely my fave! I love these guys so much and their music really rocks. I listen to it while doing my homework, sleeping etc. So you really need to check these boys out!

2. The script (No Sound Without Silence Album)

OMG you guys I’ve Always loved the script and there new album is seriously soo good! My fave songs on their album are: Army Of Angels, Flares and Superheroes.

3. Imagine Dragons (Night Visions Album)

Do I need to say more? God wow, this album is seriously killer and one of my faves which I’ve been listening to non stop!

What are your favorite artists? Leave me a comment down below and I will definitely check those out!



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