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As you guys may already know I’m obsessed with the facemasks from Montagne Jeunesse. I reviewed 3 different kinds of masks MJ has and I’ll be rating the masks PLUS give you my honest opinion about them. Also Montagne Jeunesse has new products and they are worth a try, so if you’re interested please click here to go to their website.

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I got a lot of masks but today I’m going to review the: Blemish Mud, Pawpaw Peel Off and the Dead Sea Mud Spa mask.

waardeloze haties

1. Blemish Mud

On the back of the satchet it says: Our special mud blend of Aloe Vera, Willow, Rosemary and Witch Hazel naturally target your problem areas for a clean complexion.

The mud mask has a thick consistency and is easy to apply. The mask also has a really fresh scent to it. When I applied it on my face it felt so cool and that’s really something I am looking for in a mask. The mask starts to harden within 5 minutes and gives a tightening feeling. My face felt so soft after I washed it off and I would highly recommend it to those of you who have an oily skin.


 Rating: 7/10

2. Dead Sea Mud Spa (NEW!)

On the back of the satchet it says: Breathe life back into sin with intensely invigorating & revitalising Dead Sea Minerals. We’ve harvested the oceans nutriënt rich seaweed and kelp right from the source – A satisfying boost for thirsty skin & then some!

This clay mask also has a very nice fresh smell that I’m loving. I nearly fell asleep when I put the mask on. It also gave my skin a cooling feeling and it was tingling a little bit too, so the mask really is invigorating! I think this facemask was the best one that I’ve ever used in my life. I would recommend this one to you everyone with an oily/normal/combination skin.

Rating: 9/10

3. Pawpaw peel off (NEW!)

On the back  of the satchet it says: Picked from the Trpics of South America the Pawpaw aka papaya (known as ‘Fruit of angels’) and noni Fruit naturally help protect. This duo work harmoniously, revealing clean sensational skin, sent from the Heavens.

Guys, I immidiately fell in love with this smell! I liked papaya’s since I was little but this facemask brings it to a whole other level. I don’t know if it is just me but I also smell mango’s in the mask, which is also my favourite fruit. The mask begins to dry after 6 minutes and after it completely dried begin to peel it off! This is for me the most fun part and I like the feeling of peeling things lol. These facemasks are recommended for those who have an oily/normal/combination skin.


 Rating: 8,5/10

I want to thank Montagne Jeunesse for sending me these awesome goodies to review!

I seriously recommend everyone to at least try the MJ facemasks, because they are amazing and I would repurchase it anytime. They are also cruelty free and vegan. You can buy  these cuties for 1,80 euro in the Kruidvat, Etos and de Tuinen drugstores (for those who live in Holland).

What are some brands that you like?


Photo credit Dead Sea Mud Spa: dawnsbeautyspot



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