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ELEGANT TOUCH is a cool nail cosmetic brand which sells a variety of nails e.g press-on nails, nailstickers, gel nail kits etc. So if you didn’t already know, ELEGANT TOUCH paired up with the 4 girls of Little Mix and each girl designed their own nails with the help of the design team. Today I am going to be showing you the press-on nails from Perrie’s collection!

ELEGANT TOUCH already launched the second collection of the Little Mix nails but I thought it would be fun for those who haven’t heard a thing about this awesome brand!

So on the back of the package Perrie says: These are fun feminine nails that reflect my hippy side. Cosmic glitter and glam that’s perfect for big dreamers and star-gazers.

2014-08-17 20.14.52

The kit comes with 24 nails, 10 sizes, Adhesive tabs, a Nail file and an Instruction leaflet.

How to apply the cute Little Mix Nails:

1. Prepare nails by gently pushing back cuticles. Clean nails with an acetone based polish remover to ensure nail is free from moisture and any natural oils. Make sure nails are dry.

2. Select the correct size super adhesive tab, this should be slightly smaller than your natural nail to allow the press-on nail to fit perfectly. Place the side of the super adhesive tab that best fits your cuticle shape, whether it is the curved or straight side.

3. Apply the super adhesive tab on the natural nail starting from the cuticle. Smooth out the super adhesive tab so that it is spread out evenly on the natural nail.

4. Select the correct size press-on nail for each finger. Peel the protective film off the super adhesive tab. Hold the nail tip or application tab. Place the nail up to, but not touch your cuticle, apply press-on nail  from cuticle angling at 45 degrees.

5. Press down firmly on the press-on nail to activate the adhesion of the tab, repeat for all nails.

6. If the press-on nails have application tabs, remove application tabs by bending down and then up, towards the cuticle. the tab will snap free.  DO NOT TWIST OFF!! File free edge gently for perfect results and repeat for all nails.

The application should take approximately 15 minutes. On the back of the package it also says that it’ll  give fantastic results for up to 5 days. I couldn’t agree more! I have the nails for 4 days now and they still look great.

2014-08-17 20.12.38

I absolutely love my nails, it almost looks like they are my real nails. I even got compliments from ladies at the perfumery!

If you want to remove the nails, follow these 3 steps:

1. Apply ELEGANT TOUCH GET ‘EM OFF around the edge of the press-on nail and allow to soak.

2. Gently lift the press-on nail at the side of the nail and slowly peel off, side to side. DO NOT forcibly remove because this will cause damage to your natural nails.

3. Remove the remaining residue using ELEGANT TOUCH GET ‘EM OFF remover.

I think the nails are seriously worth a try and also because the girls and ELEGANT TOUCH designed them really cute. ELEGANT TOUCH only retails in the UK so if you wanne try the nails you have to go and buy them in the UK. Superdrug and Boots sell these awesome nails for 6,00 pounds.

Do you like little mix, if so who is your favorite in the band?




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