My own nailpolish color and unique nailpolish name!


What would your own custom nailpolish color be? And what name would you give it? Abbey Jones from the brand Julep reached out to me and gave me the opportunity to write about it and win my own personal color. They have really pretty nailpolishes so I highly recommend you guys to check them out! So today I am going to share you my favorite images and my own personal stories that are inspiration for my own nailpolish color.

If you asked my best friends how they would describe me in one word they would say: lovely, cute, cool , funny, awkward, smart etc. It’s actually funny how people don’t know what you can hide behind a smile and how you really think of yourself as a person. I’ve never told this to any of my blogreaders but I think you guys should know who the girl behind ‘thebeautyvampire’ is. So let’s start from the very beginning. Hi, I am Hatice a 19-year-old girl from the Netherlands. I was born with a ‘good tumor’ to my tongue and lymphnodes and I still have it till this day, so I basically lived with it my whole intire life. I’ve been bullied in primary school and I never really cared or anything but when the time passed by I began to feel more insecure bout myself. I wasn’t bullied in highschool, thank God. Everyone accepted me for who I was but I didn’t think I was beautiful and whenever someone said: ‘Wow, I love your eyecolor!’ I’d always be like ‘Ohh stop, your just saying that.’ I also hid my tongue in pictures just so people couldn’t see the big fat tumor I had, but you could tell because of my neck which was swollen too. But now that I look back I am like: Maybe God has a plan for me? Maybe I’ll go to heaven? Or maybe I’m going to find a super sexy celeb boyfriend and live happily ever after lol I’m just kidding. But seriously guys never EVER feel like your not worth anything! You are a human being too, God created you too so who can Judge you besides him. If you guys have a rough time just remember that I’ll always be there and you can come and talk to me whenever you want! I really want to inspire you girls and show you that you can do anything! I am now studying Biology and Medical Laboratory like never in a million years did I think I was able to study with my ‘disability’. So I am asking you guys to stay strong and follow your dreams!

Enough sad talk. Let’s talk about the beautiful things I love about the nature. I love daisies and everything that has to do with it. I even have Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Eau So Fresh fragrance that’s how obsessed I am with daisies. Just the way they look gives me a great feeling, they look so cute and you can make cute flower crowns with them too!


Don’t you guys love this pic? I could gaze at this picture forever!


If I could customize my own nailpolish color I would make a gorgeous bright matt rose gold color and name my own nailpolish brand ‘daisy’. Daisy defines my personality and brings back all the memories when I was little that I never can escape. The rose gold color shows my future which will be bright (hopefully) and all the things I want and CAN to accomplish in life.

What color would your nailpolish be and how would you name your nailpolish? Let me know in the coment section down below.


Photo credit: Flickr


7 thoughts on “My own nailpolish color and unique nailpolish name!

  1. Ümmü Gülsüm Aslan says:

    Oh wauw!It is so nice to see how strong you are. Do what you’re good at and do not let anyone keep you from the things that you enjoy doing. I do not know which color and name I would give my nail polish. I have to think about it :).

  2. Reify says:

    That little story about yourself is so touching. I think my personal nail polish would be a slightly muted raspberry shade and I’d name it Sherbet because I love being a multicultural person.

  3. Glamournailart says:

    Je bent super sterk en moedig als ik je verhaal zo lees. Je hebt helemaal gelijk dat niets of niemand je mag stoppen in je dromen, iedereen heeft mooie en minder mooie kanten maar als je echt om iemand geeft maakt dat allemaal niet uit !

  4. el4mani says:

    Je verhaal heeft me echt geraakt! Echt fijn dat je je sterk houdt en keep it that way!

    Uhm.. ik draag niet echt felle of opvallende kleuren, dus zou gaan voor lichte huidskleur en klein beetje doorzichtig en ik zou het dan ‘Mani’ heten ofso :p haha een deel van mijn blognaam 🙂

    Xx -E

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