Montagne Jeunesse: Passion Peel Off facemasks

montagne jeunesse

Montagne Jeunesse was so friendly to send me these passion peel off masks that I decided to do a review on them. The last facemask that I used was a fabric facemask so I thought I’d switch it up a little bit for you guys and show you their peel off masks. My mom and I tried these facemasks last night and our skins are still smooth and shiny today.

On the back of the facemask it says: ‘Pulped pomegranate, passion flower, raspberry, grape, cranberry & vitamin E are anti-oxidants that help protect skin, while pores get a deep clean peel-off!’

Some of you are probably thinking: what the hell are anti-oxidants? Well my lovely blogreaders I as a lab student can tell you everything about anti-oxidants and what they do to our body. Anti-oxidants are molecules that inhibit oxidation of different other molecules. And you’re probably like: come again, what is oxidation? To understand this you have to know/ understand redox reactions and it’ll take me 5 hours to teach those who never had Chemistry, so just pretend you understand what I’m saying haha. So whenever oxidation occurs most of  the time these reactions can produce free radicals which are very bad for us! They can form a chain of reactions and this will eventually cause skin damage. Anti (not) -oxidants prevent this and inhibit other oxidation reactions to ‘save’ our cells. Are you still following me?

You can find anti-oxidants in different kinds of fruit like Montagne Jeunesse described on their facemasks. They also mentioned vitamin E. Did you guys know that vitamin E produces new red bloodcells and that promegranates make your skin more glowy?

Anyway this mask has a really strong scent to it and my mom really liked it! As always we have to cleanse our skin and then apply the facemask. After that just sit back and relax for 15-20 min. The substance is kinda jelly and a little bit sticky. When the 20 min. pass just begin to peel the mask off your face. I don’t know why but I have so much fun doing this and it just feels amazing. The only thing that bothered me was that some areas didn’t dry, even after 20 min! I had to wash those areas to get it off. The facemask is other than that really good and made my skin really soft!

The facemasks are available at the kruidvat and de tuinen stores for 1,80 euros. By the way the facemasks are vegan! Which is always a BONUS!

Do you wear facemasks and what brand is your fave? Let me know in the comment section down below!



3 thoughts on “Montagne Jeunesse: Passion Peel Off facemasks

  1. Reify says:

    I study chemistry too! (: Are you from the Netherlands? For a deep cleanse I love the Schaebens Dead Sea Mask from the German drugstore. I can literally see the excess oils it absorbs and it seems to also shrink my pores a bit!

    • haticedogan says:

      Hi Reify,

      Thank you for your comment. And yes, I am from the Netherlannds are you too? 🙂 I like the dr. van den hoog mudmasks as well as the Montagne jeunesse facemasks!

      xxx hatice

      You have a nice blog! Im gonna follow you

      • Reify says:

        I’m from Germany, not far from the border to the Netherlands. Thank you, that’s so sweet!

        Selamlar xx

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