How to: Making a smokey eye

Hi lovelies!

I posted my attempt on doing a smokey eye on my instagram a few days ago and a lot of you thought it looked awesome. A few of you guys were asking for a tutorial so I thought I’d give it a shot. Disclaimer: I am not a make up artist, this is just how I like to do my smokey eye. You can chose your own colors and make your own creation.

I decided to use my NYC ‘797 Gothic Harlem’ eyeshadow pallette because it had all shades of the colors I normally use for a smokey eye.


So first of I prime my eyes with a primer but because I ran out of mine I used my Catrice concealer (no one is going to see it so who cares right?!). Then I’m going to take this beautiful light grey color (number 2 on the pic) and bring it all over my eye lid.


After I applied the light grey color I am taking a slightly darker grey color (number 3 on the pic) and applying that on the outer corner of my eyes and I am going to blend it really well with my blending brush towards my crease. You don’t want to see harsh lines, cause that ain’t cute so keep blending!


We are halfway there girls! After this step we are going to use a black color (number 4 on the pic) and applying that also on the outer corner of our eyes. Keep blending towards your crease and till you see no harsh lines! I like to do this step because it makes the look more sexy and it really defines your eyes.


I also like to highlight the inner corner with a gorgeous white color (number 1 on the pic) for more definition. I always highlight the centre of my lid and my brow bone too.

I love eyeliner so I am going to make a wing with the liquid eyeliner from NYC. If you girls would like to see a tutorial on that too let me know in the comment section down below!


It’s then time for mascara! I always have to curl my eyelashes because my lashes are straight as hell and always go down if you guys know what I mean. There is zero volume in my lashes with other words.

5And we’re done! This is how I do a smokey eye. If you guys have any questions or suggestions on what I should review next, don’t hesitate and leave a comment!



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