Montagne Jeunesse: Fruit smoothie mask

Hi lovelies!

The other day I came home really tired from work and I decided I needed some time to relax. So I did and decided to put on a face mask from the brand Montagne Jeunesse. The packaging of the facemask is so cool and I swear to God if it wasn’t for the packaging I wouldn’t have bought it. On the back of the facemask it says: ‘Bursting with healthy goodness, our thick smoothie treat of Raspberry, Mango, Apricot, Peach & Pomegrate isn’t a drink but it is bound to leave you in a smiley mood (fun fact: Yeah it did actually, I put the mask on while smiling and the mask dried so fast I couldn’t ‘move’ lol anyways) with fresher, cleared and softer skin!’ I couldn’t agree more Montagne Jeunesse!

This is how the front looks like.


I also tested it first on my handpalm and the substance was thick and dries really fast. So you have to be quick with applying.

2014-08-06 17.00.57

It says to first cleanse then apply and relax for 10-15 mins. After 10-15 mins you have to rinse it off, I did it with warm water. And I must say that my skin was really soft after I rinsed, it felt like the butt cheeks of a baby lol. The mask also smelled nice and I could really smell the peach which is my favorite fruit. So it was a win win situation.

Montagne Jeunesse has all different kinds of masks: from peel off masks to chocolate masks and it isn’t even that expensive. They are 1,80 euros in the Kruidvat drugstores and are 20g = 0.7oz. You can find these cuties in the Kruidvat and de Tuinen drugstores.

Do you wear masks often and what mask brand do you like? Let me know in the comment section!

xxx Hatice


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