A few days ago I went to Etos, a Dutch drugstore where you can buy all kinds of beauty products from several brands. I saw that they began to sell Victoria Secret bodylotions and bodymists for a very low prize (8,99 euro’s). I don’t know if it’s just me but I never tried one of these in my entire life and I know that they are pretty expensive products. So when I saw those babies I just had to get them. They were like sceaming my name to be honest.


So I bought the Victoria’s Secret bodylotion AQUA KISS. First of all the packaging looks flawless and really girly. Second of all it said AQUA, Freesia and Daisy. I am a floral scent lover and I really like fresh scents as well.

2014-07-23 12.18.22

When I put the bodylotion on, it had this really nice scent of a sea full of daisy’s (lol) and I literally had the feeling I was on an Island or something. It’s just a really mesmerizing smell. The bodylotion isn’t greasy at all and is really easy to apply.

2014-07-23 12.21.52

I’m really glad with my purchase and as I said love the scent. I can’t wait to buy more in the future! The bodylotions and bodymists are 8,99 euro’s each. They are going really fast so if you wanne get one, go get one today because it’s an once offer.

Stay beautiful as Always!



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