Yankee candle review: Lake Sunset & Champaca blossom

Hey beautyvamps!

I know it has been a long time since I posted something on my blog but I was really busy with exams and felt the need to take a break. To make it up to you guys I’ll be posting more often since it’s summer, so please bare with me. I am going to be reviewing these two yankee candles that I got: ‘Lake Sunset’ and ‘Champaca blossom’. I already did a review on the yankee candle ‘Honey Blossom’ so if you wanne see that just click right here.

2014-07-08 14.54.08

So the first one is Lake Sunset and it’s a really fresh soft pink Fall scent. You can smell the lake notes and fresh air. It almost puts me in a really cozy and good mood. I highly recommend you to buy this for the Fall time guys cause you’ll LOVE it!

The second one is Champaca blossom and this is the most beautiful floral scent I have ever smelled in my entire life. It’s a gorgeous Spring scent with a fruity edge to it as I like to call. It’s almost like the nectar of the blossom that you’re smelling.

I am actually really bad at explaining scents so I am really sorry for that guys. But for those who are willing to buy these scents or any other candle, I recommend you trying voltives first before you buy a large jar. I bought mine in the Yankee Candle Store in The Hague (Netherlands) and the  voltives are 2,55 euro’s each.

What’s your fave scent? Let me know in the comment section down below and like this post if you enjoyed reading it. But other than that thank you for stopping by my blog your support means everything to me and I appreciate it!

I’ll see you guys next time!

xxx Hatice



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