How to be happy…

Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about comparing yourself to others. Everyone does it and believe me I do it, celebrities do it, everyone on this earth does it. It’s just a natural thing we do, but when we do it alot it could affect us mentally and physically. Comparing yourself constantly could prevent you from improving. Because you put all your energy e.g on thinking how much of a failure you are, how beautiful the girls in your class look compared to you or just because you can’t afford something your friend can. So today I’m gonna tell you all how to stop comparing yourself with others and how to be happy with yourself.


Don’t let social media get to you.It is society telling you that you aren’t good enough compared to others. One second they’ll say: ‘You are so fat, you should lose some weight otherwise you’ll never get a boyfriend etc.’ and when you actually work out and live a healthier lifestyle they’ll say: ‘ Omg, you changed you should be happy with what you have’ and all that kind of stuff. Somehow society created this ‘perfect’ human being who has the perfect body shape, the perfect healthy hair, gorgeous eyes, a thigh gap and all that kind of crap. No b*tch, listen here, what do you know about perfection? Who says your perfect? Are you God or something, cause the last time I checked we are both human beings who both breath, eat, sleep AND are both created by God. I say this everytime and I’m gonna say this again: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND WORTH IT! Why do you want to be someone else if you can be you? If you were someone else than why did God create you in the first place, you know what I mean?

Look at yourself in the mirror and look at all your positive features. You may not have gorgeous blue eyes like the girl next to you, but you have these amazing mesmerizing hazel eyes which are very rare. Don’t you think it’s beautiful that you have something very unique that only 20% of the human species has? I know I would! Cause I am 100% sure that the girl with blue eyes wishes she had those amazing unique hazel eyes that change color everytime! Unique = Interesting

So to make a long story short, love yourself for who you are, be happy with what God gave you and keep your head held high cause you are one sexy human being. You are all gorgeous and you are loved, even if it’s just me!

Have an amazing day and always smile!

xxx Hatice

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8 thoughts on “How to be happy…

  1. Bellescapade says:

    It is human nature to constantly comparing ourselves with others. Some people think that comparing themselves with others is a form “boosting” their motivation to achieve great heights. While some staggered to the “I’m-not-good-enough” side. Everyone came across these circumstances in life however, they can choose not to fall in both ways, it is unhealthy to me. But it is hard to control. Some times, it might be the unconscious mind that is doing it. That’s how powerful our brain is. Well, I would say the word “compare” shouldn’t even exist in human because it is what drives a person crazy at times. Love this post of yours! Cheers.

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