MUA Professional- London Lipstick

Hey guys!

Today I bought my very first lipstick from the British makeup brand: MUA (Makeup Academy), and wanted to review it for you guys. MUA just released their products here in The Netherlands, so I was pretty excited because I heard it was a really low-budget brand with an amazing quality of products. So because I love nude colors I bought the lipstick in the shade 11. It’s a really beautiful lipstick color, almost similar to the Little Mix Collection lipstick from Jade’s range.


I thought the lipstick color and the packaging were beautiful and really professional, but guess what guys! Underneath the lipstick there’s a back up! I’ve never seen this in any of my lipsticks so I can really say that MUA did a great job and literally surprised me. I think more make up brand should do this!


So as always I of course swatched the lipstick, but this time I wanted to do something different. Instead of actually swatching it I kissed my handpalm.


It’s a very creamy lipstick which I absolutely love and would recommend you buying it! The creamy lipsticks are 3,00 euro’s and the matt lipsticks are 3,50 euro’s. You can find them in your local drugstore and for the Dutch followers, you can find MUA in a few Kruidvat stores. Those are usually the big Kruidvat stores in the big cities.

Thank you guys for stopping by and checking out my blog. If you are going to buy one of these lipsticks or already bought one, then please tell me what shade you have or are willing to buy. Cause I think I’m gonna buy more of these!

Love, Hatice



16 thoughts on “MUA Professional- London Lipstick

  1. imogenunderhill says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog- it was nice to have a look at yours!

    I actually own this lipstick (though I rarely wear it as I live on the beach it would be pointless) and I really love it. It lasts for ages, and when it does begin to fade it turns into a lovely creamy nude colour which looks so natural.

    Great review!

    • haticedogan says:

      Yeah i totally agree, i just drank a cup of coffee and i must say that it gives a really beautiful creamy color just like you said. MUA really did a great job at this! And no, thank you for checking out my blog! I love yours xx

  2. blondeista says:

    Great Post, I am a fan of MUA never bought a lipstick yet so now ill have to! love the natural colour of this.

  3. nogeenbeautyblog says:

    Wat een mooi kleurtje! Helaas wordt MUA nog niet in mijn buurt verkocht 😦 Dichtstbijzijnd is Groningen. Maar ik heb een verzoek ingediend, hopelijk is het hier ook snel verkrijgbaar!

  4. hsmith91 says:

    Loving your blog! Thank you for commenting on mine 🙂 If you can, check out Makeup Revolutions makeup, they’ve just launched and are pretty similar to MUA! x

  5. A touch of british sparkle says:

    If you love MUA then check out make up revolution, you will adore them too, they do palettes which are complete dupes for naked 1-3 for an absolute fraction of the price, they are almost a direct replica and quality wise i prefer them just as much, they have lipsticks and their sister brand i heart make up is only slightly more expensive but amazing – and I’m almost certain they ship internationally to europe 🙂
    Debs @

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